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3 Things To Expect When Glossoro Ent Releases Their Liquid Chalk Markers

Glossoro Enterprises LLC releases teaser information on the upcoming launch of its craft accessory . Further information can be found at Glossoro Enterprises LLC today announced the official launch date of its upcoming craft accessory . Rumours are already starting to circulate among observers and die-hard Native Spring fans within the home and craft world, as the 'Live' date of [Native Spring Liquid Chalk Markers]( near. Glossoro Enterprises LLC has also released three things fans, reviewers and critics can expect from the release in late October 2015. The first thing folks should expect is the many uses and hours of fun these chalk markers will bring to a variety of crafts and or personal gifts. The Native Spring Liquid Chalk Markers makes this happen when one pairs up the markers with chalkboard labels or write directly on glass jars, mirrors or metal as long as the surface is non-­-porous and clean. This is to be expected from a business who places this much value on quality and user friendly products. As well as that, Glossoro Enterprises LLC will celebrate the launch event by offering a promotional price on It is their hope that this will have the ability for customers to purchase these [4-pack, white liquid markers]( at a great price just in time to use them for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas crafts and or homemade gifts. Finally, for die hard fans of the industry, they'll be interested to know what went into making the Native Spring Liquid Chalk Markers. It has taken 2 months to produce, from start to finish, from the initial idea to creating the final product. The craft accessory is also made up of non-­-toxic, water-­-based ink. This should provide total satisfaction to crafty and creative connoisseurs. Heather Brinkley, Media Director at Glossoro Enterprises LLC also wanted to add "Many of our Chalkboard Label customers have been asking which chalk product is best to use. Now we have a great option for them. We feel confident our liquid marks will be a big hit, all year long and especially this up-coming holiday season. " For further information about Glossoro Enterprises LLC, this can be discovered at And for more information about the product itself, more information can be found at Marie Garcia Glossoro Enterprises LLC PO Box 3900 Durango, CO 81302 Durango United States

by: Marie Garcia Glossoro Enterprises LLC

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