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6 Reasons That Make Mongolia The Best Place To Tour On Bicycle

Mongolia, often hailed as the cyclist's paradise truly provides a breathtaking escape to an ethereal landscape for the soul who has been long in city pent. Won't it be great to get an entry to a land of mindful solitude? A silent zone rimmed by the mountain peaks beneath an azure blue with actually no roads, lanes and bylanes. You can paddle free cycling across the unending stretches of land, often braving the chills, and the Aeolian gush. Mongolia provides one of the best destinations to tour on bicycle.

These are the prominent reasons why bicycling is fun and adventure in Mongolia.

  • Mongolia being one of the most sparsely populated countries in the globe, cycling is a great stuff to experience over there. Cycling through the rivers that often come on your way will definitely add more to your adventures.

  • Cycling across the heart of the historical city will truly be the rider's delight. Be it cycle, horse or the reindeer, as you ride across the heart of the city your mind will not fail to evoke the historical chronicles of the great emperor Genghis khan and his valorous conquests.

  • Riding is an integral part of the Mongolian Golden Eagle festival. Wait to feel the adrenaline rush while witnessing the highland lad with the trained eagle perched on his shoulder chasing the ever cunning fox riding on horseback. It will be nothing but a nail-biting adventure on your part.

  • Off road bicycling is an amazing experience in Mongolia. There being not any paved roads as such in Mongolia, cycling is fun. Having not much populated settlements, regular din and bustle of the murky city life, Mongolia is a free zone for riding and cycling. The spirit of emancipation will truly enchant you.

  • The open air Mongolian wrestling is an experience to gather. Like cycling it's a great sport over there celebrating nobility, strength and chivalry. The sportsmanship of both is celebrated in Mongolia.

  • Cycling through the massive Gobi desert is one of the real adventures in Mongolia. The idea of cycling here often can unnerve even the bravest of the brave. Taking control of the cycle through the chilled gush of the ruffled wind and withstanding the temperature extremities is not a matter of joke. But it is indeed an experience to be gathered and remembered.

Hunting with golden eagle in Mongolia is perhaps the most amazing part of all these. If you are a travel freak, waiting to explore a destination, different yet breathtakingly beautiful, Mongolia should be your choice.

by: Mike Gallard

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