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6 Things That Call For A Mongolia Visit Right Now

Boggling your brain searching for a different yet exhilarating venue for your next trip? Yet to find one even after flitting through the pages of popular travel magazines? We have a great choice for you.

Mongolia, the land of the nomads promises to make your trip amazing in infinite ways. Be it the sparsely populated stretches of land, the amalgamated culture of the inhabitants of Ulaanbaatar, the capital city, the tangible silence of the desserts, the canopy of the azure sky or the heart throbbing golden eagle festival, Mongolia will surely give a spur to your wanderlust.

You should consider planning your next trip to Mongolia for these prominent factors:

  • The capital city Ulaanbaatar itself is a place of great wonder with its large array of sightseeings, diverse culture, modern lifestyle seamlessly fusing traditions and the palatial Springs Hotel. Ulaanbaatar comprises nearly 45 percent of the Mongol populace. The places of interest in the city include the museums, Sukhbaatar Square, Shangri-La Mall and also the Winter Palace of Bogd Khan.

  • Mongolia is a land, far away from the madding crowd. Isn't it nice for a city dweller to wake up in a dreamland where time stands still? Mongolia still lags behind in your concept of timely progress, freezing as if an antic past unwavered by the ravages of time. Unending stretches of land devoid of road signs, sometimes merge, sometimes bifurcate. Evening droops by the mountains silently as you drive or pedal under the azure canopy of the sky. Desert dunes and the steppes are inviting and fascinating.

  • The spirit of adventure never wanes as you explore Mongolia. Having no road signs, exploring Mongolia is intriguing. Rivers would often come on your way, sometimes, too narrow, sometimes too shallow and at times too capricious to dip in a gorge or meander through rock laden path, changing courses impetuously. Crossing such rivers by foot is the brave heart's choice. The Uz Van, a motor transport of the locals will serve you in such cases.

  • A night spent in the gers or yurts, engineered by the locals quite intelligently to combat the adverse windy weather, will be a great experience for sure. The snug yurts will give you cozy corners to relax your limbs after a daylong drive or cycling.

  • Staying in touch with nature will surely be rejuvenating for you. Delinked from gadgets and wifi, Mongolia brings you the sheer bliss of staying in close proximity to nature. Livestock raising is popular among the Mongols and quite interestingly they do not fence the animals. Camels, goats, cows and sheeps, are set free to graze and roam. Thus as you drag along the steppes, you may come across herds of these animals on your way.

  • Mongolia offers a religious seat for shrines and altars to be seen quite frequently either on the mountain flanks or at the bend of an untrodden path yet to be explored by you. Shamanism or Tangerism is believed to be the age old religious faith of the Mongols. A land of sculptures, rock shrines and ovoos or aobaos, the ceremonial altars, Mongolia definitely calls for your attention.

Apart from all these the vast stretches of Gobi desert with its disparate temperature variants, the rhapsody of the wind, the art and architecture of the nomadic race and the challenges in store for the hardcore adventurer surely makes Mongolia tempting as a trip destination. The Nomadic Kazakh community in Mongolia will not fail to amaze you with its infinite charms and spirits. Their hospitality will melt your heart igniting your desire to visit the land for yet another time.

by: Mike Gallard

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