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A Colour Label Printer made for industry

The full title of this colour label printer from QuickLabel Systems is the "QLS-4100 XeColour Thermal Transfer Label Printer", which is perhaps a bit of a mouthful, but - as with all the label printers from the QuickLabel stable - it is a real workhorse and has an enormous capacity and speed. In fact, to continue with the equine metaphors, this is the thoroughbred of colour label printers.

The full capabilities of the QLS-4100 Xe are described on QuickLabel Systems’ informative website at so this article is intended to give just a short overview of its key features.

Speed of operation second to none

First and foremost has to be the speed of operation. If, for instance, your labels are four colour, then the label printer performs at over 3000 labels per hour at 300 dpi (dots per inch). This speed more than doubles to over 7000 labels per hour when you are in spot colour printing mode. Impressive, or what! (Obviously, the number of labels per hour will vary according to the size of label needed.)

Full system integration with this label printer

Another essential requirement for modern colour label printers is that they can be fully integrated with the factory’s packaging systems. The same applies to distribution centres. When you print your own labels, you need the process to work as part of the whole production - which the QLS-4100 Xe does admirably, whether you are working with unique labels for individual products, or batches of the same labels printed onto rolls.

Life is much easier as this application mode comes as standard, meaning you can print in real time, on-demand, to match the production or distribution lines as required.

Labels are printed on the production line or in the office – you choose

QuickLabel Systems has a wealth of experience with many different industries, so has built flexibility into all their digital label printers. This means that you can print the labels where you want, to suit your own production and distribution systems and the internal layout of your premises. After all, custom label printing means that the label printer works for the customer, not that you have to modify your existing practices to fit with the printer!

*Press / Media Contact Details:

AstroNova, Inc./QuickLabel Systems

11 Whittle Parkway




+44 1628 668836

by: Connor Turner

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