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A New Taste Explored Launching Weiwanjia Strategic Step for Jebsen Group

Jebsen Group (Jebsen), a regional leader in marketing and distribution of premium products across Greater China, has recently launched Weiwanjia, its first self-owned brand in the food industry developed exclusively by Jebsen Industrial's Research & Development team.

Weiwanjia is a representative of Jebsen's own brand across various product categories. With established R&D experience and unique marketing insights in China's food, beverage and nutrition industry, Jebsen has been actively working on expanding its portfolio including development of its own brands. Under Weiwanjia, Jebsen is bringing a series of food and beverage related products, including Weiwanjia's signature product, yoghurt concentrate drink directly to customers and consumers. Together with partner brands, Jebsen now offers a range of premium nutritional and good-tasting solutions to customers across the region.

Deeply rooted in Greater China for 120 years, Jebsen is evolving from a sales-oriented organisation to a customer-centric organisation, bringing not only products but solutions and services according to constantly changing market needs. Weiwanjia, as Jebsen's latest initiative of owned brands, joins others including BLAUMANN engine oil and Blue Girl Beer which showcases the Group's strength in bringing new brands to the market, brand building and completing the offerings across the whole value chain for its partners and customers.

"Jebsen keeps pace with the rapidly changing business landscape and consumer lifestyles in Greater China as an acknowledged leader in marketing and distribution. Through Weiwanjia, we hope to raise nutritional awareness among consumers and better serve Greater China's food industry." Ms Elizabeth Leung, General Manager of Specialty Ingredients & Solutions Division under Jebsen Industrial said. "The start of Jebsen Industrial in China dates back to the 1890s. Connected to the food industry in China over the last 120 years, Jebsen Group has been enabling many leading food companies and brands to successfully market their products in the region."

Weiwanjia is available through own online sales channel on Alibaba this is another step in furthering Jebsen's O2O operations by integrating the online and offline purchasing experience, offering customer choice, reliability and convenience thus strengthening our relationship with the customers in the long term. The e-store is an added complement to its extensive off-line distribution network and offers a new purchase channel, enabling Jebsen to engage more customers across the region.

Specialty Ingredients & Solutions, as part of Jebsen Industrial, specializes in proven high-performance ingredients that are naturally sourced and scientifically proven. In delivering food and nutritional solutions to industrial companies, it serves the demand for healthy and tasty products adding to the well-being of Chinese consumers. Its in-house R&D experts are constantly innovating new and upgrading existing applications to create competitive solutions driving product variety and quality. Chemical ingredients and fibers for industrial use is another focus of this business known for its proven and reliable solutions. For more information, please visit:

by: Jebsen Industrial

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