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A Pioneer among Kitchen Design Companies in Columbus

Every house requires renovation from time to time. With the invention of new technology and designs, it has become imperative that you remodel your house to keep up with the latest trends. The best way to do it is to have your interior design/build remodeled and given a new look. If you are looking for premium design/build services in Columbus, Ohio, look no further than Scott Hall Remodeling one of the finest kitchen design companies in Columbus.

With an experience of almost two decades under our belt, we are one of the premier kitchen design companies in Columbus. We specialize in interior design/build remodeling services, and take pride in the fact that we provide you with nothing short of the highest quality in service and customer satisfaction. Our team of highly qualified professionals is focused on being the best at the methods, techniques, and workflows useful for design/build remodeling projects. Our vast experience has prepared us effectively to handle all kinds of projects, and we only keep getting better with every project we successfully complete. We plan ahead of time and finish right on schedule, and our efficiency and expertise only solidify our position among the top rated kitchen design companies in Columbus.

Our interior design/build remodel services takes care of all kinds of renovation you want for your kitchen, bathroom, basement, or any other room. Our seamless combination of design, planning, budgeting, and management allows you to have an enjoyable remodeling experience, and maximizes customer satisfaction. We implement a communicative, personable, and organized design/build approach from start to finish of a project, which is highly appreciated by our clients. Our entire team solves all your remodeling needs with an easy-to-follow streamlined design/build approach, and is dedicated to providing you with the highest level in customer service from our complimentary consultation through to project completion.

We follow 8 steps to complete our design/build process:

1. Complementary Consultation
2. In Home Assessment
3. Preliminary Design and Presentation
4. Project Development
5. Contract and Financing
6. Pre-Construction Preparations and Planning
7. Construction
8. Warranty
To sum up, Scott Hall Remodeling ranks highest among the finest kitchen design companies in Columbus for a reason. We prioritize maximum customer satisfaction, and never compromise on the quality and standards of our service. We handle all our projects with the utmost dedication and honesty, and plan things ahead of time meticulously. Our experience and expertise is unmatched, and all of this separates us from other kitchen design companies in Columbus.

Contact Information

Scott Hall Remodeling

341 S. 3rd Street, Suite 100 (Just North of German Village)
Columbus, OH
Phone : (614) 806-3200
Email :

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