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Action Packed Jamaican Vacations A Guide to Windsurfing

Seeking out your next travel destination adventure in stride with the sporting experience to make memories of a life time? In Jamaica, there is a wide berth of adrenaline packed water sports waiting for you to jump into, perhaps none so elegant or action minded as wind surfing.

Surfing itself has a quiet following in the region, as destinations such as Bounty Bay are a testament to. To the apt minded traveller looking to expand their horizons and thrill seeking pursuits in stride, there is a bounty of opportunity in island nation of paradise for those of a mind to seek out new frontiers and Rastafarian civilizations.

Kite surfing’s popularity in Jamaica was launched to new heights after the island nations 2010 participation in the 2010 world cup. Prior the arrival of the competitive kite boarding scene to the white sands of East Portland where it was held, a long standing decline in tourism had fallen over the area, which the wind sport’s world class stack of competitors helped to begin a cycle of renewed interest in towards the travel destination.

This is likewise reflected by Jamaica’s surging support from foreign countries now investing in its future, such as that of the Israeli government’s with their $60 million dollar allocation to support the future of the tourism industry with an expansive plan geared towards hotels, accommodations, and encouraging economic growth in the region.

November to April are known as the ideal wind condition months to go on Jamaica Tours, which the beautiful Bounty Bay will sate the beginner and the experienced freestyle boarder alike. As the hub of the board bound surfing community, there is diversity in knowledge and ocean access alike in the region. Kite surfing is infact attracting a new wave of athletes, from which top female talent is emerging.

Take the story of Julia Brown for instance, voted one of the top ten most influential female kite surfers by In Motion Kite Surfing Magazine. Brown’s talent has been honed by her choice of Jamaican water to test her mettle against the best in the world.

First time kite surfing participants might like to know that Jamaica’s water sport offerings are plenty, should you feel compelled to venture beyond the pass time into further outdoor adventures. Sailing, kayaking, surfing, jet skiing, and scuba diving are all common, quite accessible sporting pass times to enhance the experience of your Jamaican travel destination. The only barrier to entry in this island paradise is your daring and motivation, as a network of experienced sports professionals are available to cater to your every whim.

Feeling the need to explore these options, but not quite settled on the windsurfing direction? New comers can likewise look forward to the expansive network of travel destination cab services working to ply your experience with their local wisdom and top notch transportation services for your water sport interests and beyond to night life, accommodations, dining options and beyond.

About Author:

Joel Richardson is founder of Jamaican Routes a taxi and tour company providing transportation and Jamaican tour guides Island wide. He lives in Portland Maine and has been traveling to the Caribbean and South America for over 30 years. For more information, click here - Jamaica Tours.

by: Joel Richardson

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