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Adappio Launches New And Official Website

About AdAppIO
AdAppIO is an intelligent mobile ad revenue maximizer platform. We guarantee that our
service will double existing advertising revenue or we will pay the developer the difference
in cash. Mobile application developers will earn 100% more with our unique smart
optimization. AdAppIO squeezes out the maximum revenue for every: view, click or install
coming from a mobile app. And we do it all with simple integration via our "App Friendly"
developer-centric solution. Developers simply register and add our lightweight SDK to
their app to start making more money immediately.
The mobile ad tech industry is extraordinarily fragmented: hundreds of ad networks,
RTBs, SSPs, DSPs, etc. Competitors are fighting for share in this soon-to-be $100B market
in every fragment, itís niches and sub-niches. Itís a headache for developers to learn all the
techniques and choose the right partner for ad monetization. The natural solution to this
situation is consolidation, and this is what ad mediators offer: one stop solution. BUT less
than 1% of publishers are using fully automated mediation platforms. Learn more about
this option and what it means for your ad revenue and profitability.
Founders Bios
Joshua Rogers
Joshua Rogers is an Internet entrepreneur with substantial background in strategic
consulting and capital markets. Prior to co-founding AdAppIO with Egor Lavrov, in 2014,
Joshua was the Partner and Head of the Strategy Group for KPMG in Russia where he sold
and led board-level strategic consulting projects for top companies in Financial Services,
Energy and Transportation. With a background in building brand equity while in growth
oriented consulting (McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, KPMG, Russian Mortgage
Advisors) and managing billion dollar portfolios in banking (driving growth at Bank of
America, Wachovia and Bank of New York), Joshua is a veteran of creating organizations
that deliver. In addition to AdAppIO, Joshua has also founded ArtSeeApp, to help connect
art buyers and art galleries through technology. At AdAppIO, Joshua manages the sales,
marketing and business development as well as fund raising for the company.
Egor Lavrov
Egor is an entrepreneur who shares a vision of the future with better mobile apps, more
creativity and much more fun. Starting his first business when he was 16 years old, Egor
has continued to launch successful businesses in Latin America, Asia and the United States.
In 1997, Egor published the first Russian periodical about the internet titled: "Planet
Internet" which earned him the title of one of the "Founders of the Russian Internet". In the
late 90ís, Egor launched Skel Group, the third web design agency in Russia in the late 90s.
In Latin America, Egorís company Grupo Lavroff ,was the distributor of iconic brands such
as: Apple, Bang & Olufsen and Vertu. He subsequently launched KarmaWorld, a US based
mobile application development company, with over 5 million copies of their games sold
worldwide. Egor also launched Zila Networks, a Miami based startup which launched the
popular (300,000 downloads within 2 months) iPhone/iPad app Friends Around. A
graduate of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, at AdAppIO, Egor oversees the day
to day operations of the firm.

by: Joshua Rogers

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