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Airwheel Design Idea about Smart Electric Scooter Helmet In 2017 CES

The long-expected 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show is on the way now. A good many firms swarm into this worldwide famous show to seek for more co-operative opportunity. In the sector of electronics and communication, Airwheel is enthusiastic to enter for this show. Since it took part in it last year, Airwheel was inspired and encouraged by millions of customer, especially from America. Airwheel has been expanding its business in USA long before. The CES came as a golden occasion for it on time. Airwheel saw no reason to pass up this opportunity. In this session of 2017 CES, Airwheel display its motorcycle helmet C6 and racing helmet C8, which are newly developed and unveiled in 2017 CES. The two scooter helmets cause a huge sensation during the exhibition, for a good many customers were taken aback by the design notion which lies behind the two models.

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Years ago, Airwheel gave the impression that it was a scooter-maker which specialised mainly in electric scooters. In spite of that, Airwheel broke the stereotype in early 2016 by releasing its first smart helmet C5 and then C6 smart helmets . The two preliminary models of scooter helmets ushered the path to helmet design. At the end of 2016, Airwheel made up its mind once again to push out another wave of models of helmet, i.e. motorcycle helmet C6 and racing helmet C8. This represents the notion of design.

It is easy to feel the change of Airwheel in focus. It changes from the scooter to peripheral products of scooters. The motorcycle helmet C6 and racing helmet C8 have spoken volumes about the change. During 2017 exhibition, Airwheel put its scooter helmets on show, which becomes a large news to the audience who want badly to see new products by Airwheel. At the same time, another model can be termed as a veritable eye-opener, drone camera F3 on shown.

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Media Contact:
Company Name: Airwheel Holding Limited
Contact Person: Eric
Country: Los Angeles, CA, USA

by: Eric

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