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All your online media files and profiles in one place

The revolution of media organization is here

Today, billions of media files are hosted on tons of different platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Slideshare, Instagram and much much more and than scattered to websites, blogs or social media. Keeping track of only relevant and interesting stuff is almost impossible - for consumers as well as corporates.

Straight from Berlin, Germany there comes MovBoxx to tackle the existing problem of collecting and organizing all your mediafiles, profiles and even just your impressions.

MovBoxx offers a great opportunity to collect all kind of media files in a complete new and super easy way with just one simple click to get access to them anytime, anywhere & on any device. MovBoxx actually focuses on videos, music & slides but also texts and pictures are in the pipeline. Focused on straight-forward and high-end user experience, MovBoxx is your place to go when it comes to collecting & organizing various mediafiles and profiles from platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Slideshare or even Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and many more but also exploring amazing content from pages you never heard about.

The international founding team brings more than 45+ years of experience in UI & UX Design, Full-stack development, AI, Finance Advisory, Strategy- & Business Development to the table. Since public beta go-live 4 months ago, MovBoxx already received some remarkable international awareness:

- Top300 of Power of Ideas (India) backed by Facebook
- Top50 of WeXelerate - Batch 2 (Vienna)
- Winner of RockTech (Paris)
- Collaboration with a Top3 media house in Vienna, Austria
- Expert Speaker invitation for the Mobile Marketing Innovation Day (Vienna)

MovBoxx is still in early stage, but things are evolving day by day. But like growing a great flower it needs some water and some love. This is why MovBoxx is looking forward to extend strategic & corporate partnerships and also raise the first investment round.

It seems MovBoxx could be a real interesting and handy tool to fix the problem of losing track within the jungle of media files out there.

MovBoxx offers solutions for both sides. B2C & B2B clients will find some amazing solution to structure their mediafiles, profiles and impressions.

The B2C version is online under and still updated on regular bases with great new features to make it even more easier, faster & safer. The B2B version is currently under development based on requirements of existing corporate partners.

For all questions, interest to participate in the investment round or explore partnerships, please get in touch via

If you want to know more about MovBoxx - here are some profiles to follow:
Youtube (
Facebook (
Twitter (

Start your own channels now and see what Movboxx can do for you.

MovBoxx - Keep your things organized.

Pressekontakt MovBoxx Pascal Hoffmann Scharnhorststra├če 24 10115 Berlin 01624205099

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by: MovBoxx

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