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An Extremely Versatile and Multi Functional Tool

Many users might not have MS Office installed in their PCs or laptops either due to a different system configuration or another reason. However, there may be instances wherein they might receive MS Office files such as word documents, powerpoint presentations or excel sheets via email or they might have them stored in their mobile storage devices. Without MS Office on their systems, it is quite difficult to open these files much less view them. The Free Doc Reader is one such tool that helps such users open the MS Office files without the need for MS Office installation. It is quite a time taking and space consuming task to install MS Office especially if users do not use the application at all. They would also have to spend money on buying the software prior to installation.

This Free Doc Reader helps users avoid all those glitches. This is an extraordinary tool that also allows users to view .tiff files. Another interesting feature is that the tool also allows users to save the documents in .PDF format for further reference. This is a high quality reader that supports a variety of other programs. It is very easy to download this tool and it takes very little time for the download process to end. Users can immediately start using the reader upon installation. It is a reliable tool and users do not have to possess any prior knowledge to use this tool. Although the tool does not come with a help guide, it is easy to use this tool.

About Free Doc Reader

Free Doc Reader is a tool that allows users to view and print all types of MS Office files without the need for MS Office. Users do not have to spend time, money and space installing the MS Office application in order to view these files.

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