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An inspiration for million other Dreamers Suninder Sandha

If you can think big you can make big. This is the ideology followed by the pioneer of real estate’s Suninder Sandha who has earned a huge respect in the world of architecture. With his skills he has changed the face of the real estates and lifestyle of common people by providing ace customer satisfaction.
Starting off his career in his early 20s, Mr. Suninder has gained expertise in architecture. His portfolios include working with top-class MNCs namely Atlantic Finance House, Millennium Spire and Imperia in the capacity of Chief Marketing Executive.
A builder is one who builds brick by brick but Mr. Sandha not just built but constructed a world which was until now was only imagined by people. He offered a reality made by imagining the future of architecture and made it happen offering the best in the industry. He had conquered the art of constructing innovative buildings including 10 commercial and 8 residential projects which have been a huge hit in the market.
One of his greatest works named Concept Capital, has emerged as a monster in the world of real-estates providing services in and around Delhi- NCR. Under his direction, Concept Capital has set standards for other builders in terms of design and innovation by launching a world class mega project in Ghaziabad naming ‘The Core’. Spread across 1.5 acres of area, the project includes food courts, fabulous dining locations, multiplex and ample office space.
Never have any leader left empty handed after delivering so much to the world. The achievements have made Mr. Sandha what he is today. Not only his work have been appreciated locally but internationally as well, he had been acclaimed as The World’s Greatest Leaders 2015 Asia and GCC Award’ for which he was named after a process reviewed by Price Waterhouse Coopers.
Suninder Sandha is one of those eminent personalities who prefer sharing what they have made throughout the year. His philanthropic approach towards life has lead in the improvement of many underprivileged lives. He has sponsored for their education and other basic needs.
Hard work pays off but smart work always puts an impression on other’s minds as well. Suninder Sandha is one of those brilliant minds who not only intends us to dream, rather to dream big. PearlMedia, thereby is contented to be associated with such an eminent personality therefore felicitating Mr. Sandha for his success in the industry.

by: 11Pearlmedia

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