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Anthony gives clients the chance to treat their skin the right way

The Anthony company was established in 2000 and Ė since then Ė it is ruling the men-care industry. Anthony Sosnick, the founder of the company, came up with the idea of launching Anthony products after noticing that the market doesnít offer enough skincare products for men. Thus, he decided to create and sell his own line of products. The company also offers products for women, but specializes in mens facial products. Sosnick was previously just a real-estate developer that had nothing to do with the business industry. As he noticed the lack of collections of menís products in most brands out there, he wanted to turn the beauty industry upside down and helped customers that were in his position before, launching the Anthony Brands.

Anthony offers various product categories that respect the needs of the loyal customers they have. During the holiday season, Anthony skin care introduces a new category on their website, called the Gift Guide. In this category, clients can choose from various products or vouchers which would be suitable to offer as gifts for your loved ones. Some gifts come with free shipping as well. The rest of categories on the website refer to the products sold. There is a category that contains kits which can be offered as gifts as well. As for other products, Anthony features categories for face products, shaving products, body products and a category entirely dedicated for women. The products are various and one has plenty of choices when navigating the website.

The facial products for men are reviewed positively by most clients and one can read all the testimonials online. If you plan to buy products from Anthony, you have all reasons to do so. Many products from Anthony contain natural ingredients only, ranging from sugarcane, sugar maple and wheat protein to orange or lemon. The products cover a broad spectrum of types of skin. The Anthony skin care range is truly worth a try, especially considering the fact that not many companies offer so many products dedicated to men. It is important to mention that all the products at Anthony are suitable for a full skin care routine, from scrubbing to moisturizing and protecting skin in the sun.

Among the products that people prefer, one should start by trying the glycolic face wash. It is a non-foaming cleanser that has a great texture and can be used on all sorts of skin. It leaves skin very clean and soft to the touch, while gently removing all impurities and nourish the skin with the magic properties of Chamomile or Aloe Vera. The natural ingredients also contain vitamins A, C or E. Plus, it has a great aroma, just like the other products from Anthony. The advanced formula lip balm is the next preferred product from Anthony. Besides the strong moisturizing effects of the lip balm, it also has SPF 25. The facial scrub, followed by the Wake Up Call hydrating treatment gel constitute the perfect morning care routine for men.

For further information, donít forget to visit or use the contact details listed below:

Contact name: Anthony

Company name: Anthony

Exact Address: 120 Jersey Avenue, 3rd Floor

Phone no.: 1.866.268.4669

Email address:

by: Anthony

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