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Apartments in south Bucuresti indicate high demand from foreigners by 2014

Romania did not take much time after its independence in 1990 to prove the fact that it can actually achieve its economic potential on its own. It has already made a positive mark on the economic and political fields at the international level. The country has especially made progress in leaps in bounds in the real estate industry. With a lush natural landscape, it was not hard for the industry to flourish within such a short span of time.

Within a year or two after a list of prominent Romanian investors started making investments in Bucuresti, it did not take much time for international level investors to follow the lead. Initially, complicated legal procedures have thwarted some of the giant international investors from making profitable investments in the real estate industry of Bucuresti. It came as great news when the government announced that it has lifted the complicated legal and administrative procedures.

Besides investments, there is a major influx of people from across Romania as well as from different parts of the world to Bucuresti. The place offers an endless number of holiday dwellings that includes houses, flats, apartments and many more. The year 2014 has recorded an increased demand in the residential area of South Bucuresti. Within the past five years, the place has emerged as the nation’s leading area of commerce and industry, while at the same time preserving the rich natural and cultural heritage of the country. The marriage of business and culture has become an unbeatable combination, making it one of the most coveted for places in the country.

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by: Robert Key

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