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Apollo Auto Spa Announces New Paint Correction Service

Walnut Creek, California- September 11, 2019- Apollo Auto Spa is excited to announce their new automotive detailing paint correction service. The new option available to customers can eliminate scratches and paint imperfections, restoring the factory paint job’s appearance. This service can prevent car owners from having to repaint their vehicles due to paint chips and scratches prematurely.

Scratches and paint imperfections can happen to anyone’s vehicle. They are often unavoidable. However, with the new auto detailing paint correction services offered by Apollo Auto Spa, the solution to fixing the problem got a whole lot simpler.

For those that have annoying vehicle scratches, Apollo Auto Spa Paint Correction Specialists have the solution. They offer three service package options, including the Gold, Silver, and Bronze packages. Each package contains three levels of ceramic coating and range in what products used based on which option is purchased.

Their best package the Gold series offers lifetime protection of the painted surfaces. While the bronze provides a two-year guarantee against defects in the paint, for a slightly higher price customers can ensure their vehicle’s paint for life. For comparison, the Gold package allows for up to five layers of ceramic coating, whereas the bronze is limited to one layer.

The process for eliminating defects is labor-intensive. There are many stages Apollo Auto Spa’s technician will go through to achieve a flawless finish. They will first start by removing any contaminants embedded in the paint surface. To do this, the technician will use a clay bar over the entire vehicle and if necessary a chemical iron remover such as Iron-X. Once finished, the technician will start with the compound or polishing steps, which includes nano-abrasive compounds and diminishing & non-diminishing polishing pads to work out paint defects. With the use of nanotechnology in their products, customers can expect terrific, long-lasting results.

A representative for Apollo Auto Spa had this to say about protecting the paint’s finish after a correction service, "It’s important to protect your car once you’ve corrected the paint, we strongly recommend ceramic paint coating or clear bra film PPF."

Apollo Auto Spa has been assisting customers with auto detailing since 1986. They are the leading choice in the Walnut Creek, CA area and highly respected in the SF Bay to improve the look of cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans. With the color correction services, they now provide complete, full-service exterior automotive detailing.

For more information about Apollo Auto Spa visit For questions please contact Sean Woodward at (800) 618-5881 or by email at

by: Sean Woodward

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