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Army of Maids offers green cleaning services

Army of Maids is one of the first Orlando house cleaning companies to offer ecologically friendly services. This provider is committed to helping clients create the perfect living environment for their families without creating any discomfort with toxic chemical agents. The initiative of Orlando green cleaning came after the considerable increase in global concern regarding global warming. Because many conventional cleaning products harm the environment, Army of Maids has made it their mission to use exclusively green cleaning products, thus joining the worldwide endeavor to promote ecologically friendly services.

Army of Maids is an ideal provider for homeowners who usually deal with cleaning themselves and resort to various mainstream cleaning products. Not only can these products lead to toxic waste, but they can also be harmful for you and your family. As one of the best Orlando cleaning services, Army of Maids guarantees the use of safe products. If until now you have worked with a cleaning service that rendered your home uninhabitable because the chemical smell was unbearable, then it is time to make a change and choose something better and more modern. This company is also the perfect choice if you have small children or pets. The maids in Orlando working here know that the wrong products can cause many allergies, which is why they always make sure that no one in your family is affected. Furthermore, you can arrange for the maids to arrive at any time of day, whenever you find it the most convenient.

There are many companies that advertise green cleaning solutions, but Army of Maids is one of the few that utilizes ecologically friendly cleansing agents that are also effective and can clean even the dirtiest space. If you are a perfectionist and you want the best results, than Army of Maids can help you. The company is affordable and flexible, and you can visit the official website,, to find out more information about the benefits of working with a professional cleaning company. The list of services includes, but is not limited to cleaning dust blinds and windows, vacuuming, making beds, cobweb removal, kitchen straightening, fridge and bathtub scrubbing. Depending on your needs and the frequency of cleaning services, Army of Maids can offer routine cleaning, deep cleaning and moving in/out cleaning.

Army of Maids can offer professional cleaning services no matter if you have a house or an apartment. The company is committed to providing high quality results and helping clients have a healthy and hygienic home. Because Army of Maids offers profitable rates and discounts, everyone can afford to hire a house cleaner and save time. Those who would like to hire this company can book online on in as little as 60 seconds and also pay through a secure online connection.

Adopting an ecologically friendly policy is very important nowadays and if you want to help the environment and your planet at the same time, Army Of Maids is the Orlando house cleaning service that can truly make a difference.

For more information about the best Orlando cleaning services please visit or use the contact details below:

Contact Name: Jason Willis
Company name: Army of Maids
Exact Address: 652 Cortez Circle, Altamonte Springs FL. 32714
Phone no: 407-205-2769
Email address:

by: Jason Willis

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