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Asterisk Service Announce Offer of Customized Asterisk Development Services

Asterisk Service, a unit of Ecosmob, global tech leaders, announced customized asterisk development services. Speaking on the occasion the company’s VP said, "Our asterisk developers have been working for well over a decade on coming up with feature rich asterisk based solutions. The company’s portfolio covers a variety IVR systems, IP PBX, conferencing and session border controller. To put it modestly, our developers have explored virtually every nook and cranny of this open source platform and have gained considerable expertise. We now offer this expertise in the form of custom asterisk development."

One may argue that existing, out of the box asterisk solutions, are sufficient for most people. However, as happens in such packages that are targeted at maximum number of users, there are several gaps and deficiencies. This is where Asterisk Service steps in and incorporates latest tech or modifications to enhance functionality of the package to suit a specific user. Asterisk Service can handle custom development for applications, for specific modules, for the software itself or for a system. An existing system, with custom asterisk mods, becomes more powerful, functionally fluid and can give greater ROIs, he claimed. Customization can even be something as simple as configuring existing code or something more complex such as diaplan programming and AGI scripting to add features or refine existing ones. Whatever, the case our asterisk developers, stated the VP, bring about transformations. For example, an existing IP PBX can gain IVR inclusion and also WebRTC inclusion with some scripting. Instead of having to invest in additional packages for these functionalities, customization of Asterisk leads to a unified solution that works better and costs less. In the same way, a stand alone IP PBX would gain in value with some scripting that would connect it to a CRM. 

There are many possibilities that even a veteran user may not be aware of. Asterisk Service offers free consultation to users of asterisk based solutions and will be happy to point out customization possibilities. "Our asterisk developers have put in thousands of hours and we have an extensive library of modules to handle functions and features like call distributors, conference bridges, unified messaging and lots more. All these can be made available at a low price and with slight modification for customization. Not only do users pay less but they also get speedy customization, claimed the VP. 

Improved functionality is just one benefit. With custom asterisk development clients also have complete control of code and the system for all time. Asterisk Service will be happy to enhance existing packages and the company will take on custom asterisk development from the ground up. Users can have a finely tailored system that imposes least burden on existing IT infrastructure, works fast, requires minimum fiddling and improved productivity. 

Businesses interested in customizing their existing asterisk based solutions or interested in ground up development may get in touch with Asterisk Service by phone on 91 79 40054019, 1-303-997-3139 or engage in a live chat on 


by: Sindhav Bhagirath

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