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Ayurveda courses for massage therapist aspirants in Goa says Aitheinhealing

30-10-2015 : Aitheinhealing An institute offering traditional massage courses and body works states Ayurveda courses for massage therapist aspirants in Goa. The institute offers specialized training with an aim to develop expertise in massage and bodywork healing of patients. Students are given special workshops and retreat in Ayurveda to get expertise in this field immediately. Expert practitioners offer training to students delivering practical skills along with theoretical knowledge required to be a successful massage therapists. Institute offers admission to limited number of students in a batch to deliver dedicated attention and clearance of doubts in the course. Courses are offered to aspirants willing to make a career as therapist after the completion of training in the institute. Special guidance and training are given to student to hone skills of body work immediately. Courses are useful for students to get knowledge and skills of oldest healing system of India.

"Ayurveda is a traditional system of medicines useful in healing body from lethal diseases. It was originated in India thousands of years ago by saints and being continued since generation. It uses natural method of prevention and cure of body from deadly diseases. Medicines are derived from herbs and plants to deliver zero side effect treatment to diseases by experts. This system of body healing is being accepted by people all over the world now. Demands for Ayurveda experts have increase significantly across the globe. Treating system is being accepted by people due to its ability to cure diseases from its root. But, therapists offering treatment must be expert with skills to create a balance of body power. This is why Ayurveda training in Kerala is being taken by aspirants to get theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the course. Course is immensely important for aspirants to start an amazing career in this field immediately" says Gagori Mitra, co-founder of the institute. She said this while introducing a 4 week Ayurveda training courses for aspirants in Goa, yesterday.

She continued, "Ayurveda is a special natural healing system consisting of massage, yoga, and meditation. Massage form an important part of Ayurveda treatment that is being utilized by people for healing. It is being taken by the people for soothing body pain and migraine quickly. This is an important course for students willing to get expertise in massage and body work. Students are given theoretical as well as practical skills during courses in institute. Special workshops are organized for students to hone skills of providing quick healing to body through massage".

She further said, "Aspiring students need to take courses from best institute with expert instructors to get advanced skills. Advanced courses need to be selected by students willing to get expertise in this field immediately. Institute offers special training that hone skills of students nicely to be an expert in massage after completion of course. Special research and module is selected for candidate to develop expertise of delivering quick skills. Students can quickly clear doubt with face to face discussion with teachers".

Aitheinhealing is a Goa based institute offering Ayurveda courses for candidates willing to start a career in this field. The important courses offered from institute are Siddha Marma course, Ayurveda massage course, Thai Massage course, Aithein healing course, and Rope massage course for students. Training is offered by expert teachers to deliver skills in courses. To get admission in courses or want to get more information, visit website:

by: Anna

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