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BRI TON LIFTMASTER The Ultimate Destination for Loading Equipment

South Africa based BRI-TON LIFTMASTER was founded in 1986, boasts of vast experience in the industry with their services of lifting equipment. The company offers custom-made solutions for lifting applications to its clients. The following are some of the major services offered by the company:

1. Load testing services: The experts at BRI-TON LIFTMASTER work by complying with latest SANS regulations and industry protocol pertaining to different types of lifting equipment. The lifting equipment offered by the company will comply with its own regulations. Extremely qualified and experienced professionals at the company handle the load test equipment and inspections. The SANS protocol encompasses procedures and specifications for inspecting, testing and examining machinery.

2. Preventative maintenance services: The preventative maintenance program of BRI-TON LIFTMASTER offers tailor-made solutions to cater to the needs of your equipment and production. The company also enables the improvement of efficiency and plant safety. BRI-TON LIFTMASTER offers both easy quarterly services on a few pieces of equipment to on-site full-time maintenance.

The following are some of the benefits of the routine crane maintenance service offered by BRI-TON LIFTMASTER:

  • During the maintenance process, small repair issues will be detected and corrected by the experts of the company. Thus a lot of procedural failures are prevented from happening.

  • Alleviation of maintenance costs due to high levels of proficiency of the company’s technicians.

  • Expert guidance and recommendations are provided by the company’s specialists.

  • Increased shelf life of the machinery and equipment offered by the company.

  • Low productivity time which occurs as a result of unplanned failures diminishes significantly.

  • The identification of components which are in need of repair will be done before the breakdown happens. Thus the company can fix the issues with the components during a deliberate shutdown.

  • In the maintenance process of your plant, the experts of the company can direct their energies towards other production machinery within the plant.

3. Repair services: Industrial manufacturers throughout South Africa have been relying on BRI-TON LIFTMASTER to supply the most efficient goods hoist, cranes, lifting tackle as well as roller-shutter door maintenance and repair services. The company works closely with their customers to offer upgrades, installations, certifications and inspections.

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About the company:
BRI-TON LIFTMASTER, the famous South Africa based company, which was founded in 1986 is a reputed name in the industry. The company offers high-quality custom-made solutions for lifting applications to its clients. Whichever type of equipment you might need, the technicians and experts of the company will be familiar with all major brands and will be competent enough to offer you relevant and productive advice.

Contact Us:
33A Stella Rd, Montague Gardens
Cape Town, 7441
South Africa

Phone: 021 551 3930

by: Adam Alford

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