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Baldness is not a Nightmare Anymore

A permanent solution to baldness treatment is now very close. As it is known, baldness is one of the greatest fears of men. You also know that there are many medicines to solve your problem but none of these drugs can give the desired result. Baldness is a nightmare for men. It is a source of depression that men arrive when he comb or wash his hair. His hair falls every time they comb or wash their hair.
Of course, many people are unaware that hair transplant is the only solution. Fue The Hair Transplant is collected from the back of the head by the micro punch method then transplant collected hair follicules where are that desired. This planting process is extremely sensitive and important. A correct procedure provides the patient with the bushy and healty hair, whereas a wrong procedure can produce very poor results and images.
As the founder of Gür Saç Ekimi Dr. Gökhan Gür said, "Hair plantation is the only known treatment of male type hair loss."
Established in 2003, Gür Saç Ekimı has have thousands of patients with successfull operation. After the operation they all have beautiful hair. Dr. Gökhan Gür has over 2000 patients since 2003 in the beginning of hair transplantation, and played an important role in their patients happiness. He is also one of the first practitioners to apply the Fue Hairtransplant technique in Turkey and has been leading this area. He can use all FUE hair transplant techniques for his patients.
Gür Saç Ekimi, which sends every incoming patient to his home with happy and beautiful hair. Also it offers an important solution in the treatment of your hair. Gur Hair Transplant is increasing the vast experience of this field day by day. Lately, Gur Hair Transplant wants to share this service with patients outside Turkey and it has begin to accept patients from abroad. Dr. Gökhan Gür has had a important role in the happiness of hundreds of patients until now.
If you want to get your old hair back, you can contact us. In FUE Hair transplant operations Dr. Gökhan Gür personally carries out his own and this is one of the most important factors that distinguish us from other institutions.
Phone: +90 (546) 416 70 70

by: Oguz

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