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Barnacle Busters The Largest Underwater Boat Bottom Cleaning Company

Barnacle Busters is the largest underwater boat maintenance facility in Florida. They are providing various services to their customers including boat bottom cleaning, propeller repair, prop speed application, underwater yacht maintenance and zinc replacement. They have their own large fleet of service vehicles helps the divers to clean the boat directly at the customers dock or marina.

Boat Bottom Cleaning With Barnacle Busters
Boat Bottom Cleaning is one of the important services offered by all boat maintenance company. This service is to increase the performance of the boat by reducing the excess drag, fuel consumption rate and propeller vibrations. In Barnacle Busters, it is the foremost service and offers in two methods. One is the monthly powerboat underwater cleaning service and the other is the monthly sailboat underwater cleaning service.

Monthly Powerboat Underwater Cleaning Service
The monthly powerboat underwater cleaning service is a detailed service processed in three steps. That is running gear, waterline and hull. First, the running gear cleaned by removing all the barnacles collected in the boat bottom and in between the way of water inlets and outlets. Next, the through hull fittings are cleaned to prevent the engine from overheating. Other minor works done in this step are cleaning the propeller, shafts, trim tabs and zinc replacement. The second step is waterline. Waterline is a line where heavy algae formation occurs. The line will be cleaned. Final is hull. They will clean the whole outer surface of the boat body and can paint it if needed in this step.

Monthly Sailboat Underwater Cleaning Service
The monthly sailboat underwater cleaning service is for people who looking for a quick boat bottom cleaning service. This service is a minimized form of the first service and only major maintenance works are done. It includes cleaning the running gear, propellers, shaft, inspect zincs and hull cleaning.

About Barnacle Busters
Barnacle Busters is a well-known underwater boat maintenance company located in Florida. It was started in the year 1983 and currently servicing in Martin, Broward and Palm Beach counties. All of the workers are certified and professional divers who can work on any kind of boat. Apart from the regular service hours, they are available 24/7 as an emergency after hours. For more details about boat bottom cleaning, visit their website at

10456 Riverside Dr.
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410
Phone: +1 561 625 4484

by: Barnacle Busters

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