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Best Diet and Natural Supplements for Weak Bowel Movement

Weak bowel movement is, primarily, associated with chronic constipation. It is a sign of a weak rectum and is generally caused due to damaged rectal nerves. A proper diet for weak bowel movement, if followed, can bring about great relief from this condition.

Issues with bowel movements usually occur due to irregular bowel movements. These irregularities could be due to a weak bowel. A weak bowel movement is a term used for various bowel syndromes, such as constipation and faecal incontinence.

Constipation refers to a condition where the person has difficulty in passing stool, even after straining, showing poor muscle strength of the bowel wall. And on the other hand, in faecal incontinence, the weak pelvic floor muscles affect the ability to hold back the urge to defecate. In both cases, a weak bowel is a result of weak muscles.

Following are the symptoms of a weak bowel:

A constant urge to defecate even after passing stools.

Nausea and vomiting.

Pain in the abdomen.

Abdominal cramps.

Straining to pass stool.

Irregular bowel movements.

Excessive gas formation in the abdomen.



There are several factors that contribute towards a weak bowel movement, such as:

Less intake of fibre in the diet.

Hormone imbalance.

Insufficient intake of water.

Irregular eating habits.

Sedentary lifestyle.

Obstruction in the rectum or colon.

Muscle weakness.

Nerve damage in the rectum or colon.

Surgery in the rectum or colon.

Rectal Prolapse.

Acute Diarrhoea.

Chronic Constipation.


Stiffening of the rectal walls.

The above-mentioned symptoms can be treated with an effective and healthy diet for weak bowel movement. A slight shift in eating habits can cure one of a weak bowel and pass hard stool softly.

This is what a diet for weak bowel movement looks like:

In case of constipation, a person must increase intake of fibre in his diet. Foods rich in fibre are fruits, vegetables, wholegrain foods like wholemeal bread, and beans. A lot of fluids, especially, water, should be included.

Diarrhoea could be treated by reducing intake of fibre, avoiding products containing a sweetener called sorbitol, and by avoiding alcohol and caffeine.

Other ways to treat a weak bowel are pelvic floor exercises, surgery, over-the-counter medication and bowel retraining.

Apart from following a diet for weak bowel movement, there are natural supplements that help strengthen rectal and colon muscles and regularise bowel movements. One of the most sought after natural supplements for weak bowel movement is Arozyme capsule. It is a strong and effective blend of powerful herbs like Haritaki, Hing, Ajwain, Sonth, Sanay, Poudinadikamali and Madhurkshar, which have been used over the centuries to bring relief from a weak bowel.

The main purpose of this herbal supplement is to facilitate softer and easy-to-pass stools, improve digestion, increase immunity, strengthen colon and rectal muscles, facilitate proper absorption of nutrients, bring relief from abdominal cramps, gas and acid formation, purification of blood, prevention of build up of toxins in the digestive system and maintain regular bowel movements.

Read about Herbal Constipation Treatment Reviews. Also know Natural Remedies for Constipation Treatment. Read about Herbal Treatment to Regulate Bowel Movement Naturally.

by: Charles Aleron

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