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Best Natural Treatment for Irregular Periods and Menstrual Cramps

Irregular menstrual cycle implies to the fact of not getting your periods at the right time. The sign of irregularity is common during teenage. However, in some cases, ladies may encounter unpredictable monthly cycles throughout their life. Variances in the levels of estrogen and progesterone are the primary cause.

The irregular menstrual cycle may give rise to various problems like heavy bleeding, pain and many other complications. Whatever might be the reason; if you are the one facing this serious issue then it is important to look for best natural treatment for irregular periods.


Some of the symptoms you can notice while getting irregular menstruation cycle are

1. Getting your periods either 10 to 15 days before the date or after it.

2. Not getting your menstruation cycle for a month.

3. Excessive pain and bleeding during the periods.


Factors affecting your menstruation cycle are

1. Unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits.

2. Stressful life and thyroid problem.

3. Hormonal imbalance or certain medications you have taken in the past.

Some natural treatments for menstrual cramps are

1. One natural supplement for irregular menstruation is Kava. Kava contains two aggravates that work & further helps in reducing pain. Despite the fact that its best natural treatment for irregular periods it also gives both mental pressure alleviation and solid torment help to anybody with menstrual issues.

2. A glass of carrot juice, iron rich foods like broccoli, lettuce, spinach and apple is also known as the natural treatment for menstrual cramps.

3. Prepare yourself to not eat high calorie and carbohydrate rich product. Instead of that, you can go with Pumpkin, drumsticks, dates, papaya, and cucumber.

4. A mix of mint powder with one teaspoon of honey or ginger with it also provides relief. In case, if you are taking it as herbal supplements to regulate menstrual cycle do not forget to take it daily for getting the best results.

5. Combination of fenugreek and sesame seeds with salads and vegetable is exceptionally the best natural treatment for irregular periods. This diet needs to be taken for 2-3 months to get the best outcome.

Although all the above remedies listed above works as natural supplements for irregular menstruation, you can also take MCBC capsules. This pill has the capability to regain the regularity in periods. It also helps in improving health and energy level during the cycle. Some of the key benefits of taking it are it improves fertility and reduces the chance of miscarriage promote proper bleeding and healthy cycle. These capsules if taken for at least 3 to 4 months can give amazing results.

MCBC capsules relieve various girls’ problems like Amenorrhea, Oligomenorrhea, Menorrhagia, Dysmenorrhea and PMS. These herbal pills cure menstrual irregularities, prevent menstrual cramps, normalize menstruation cycle problem, and treat anemia problem. Take these natural pills with healthy diet and good sleep to get fast result.

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by: Axton Louis

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