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Brief description on bioplastics market

Bioplastics are a type of plastics which is taken from biomass sources which can be renewed, such as corn starch, vegetable fats and oils, and microbiota. Bioplastics can also be made from used plastic bottles and other containers by using microorganisms. Plastics such as fossil-fuel plastics are taken from petroleum or natural gas. All types of bioplastics are not designed to biodegrade. Biodegradable bioplastics can be broken down into anaerobic or aerobic environments depending on its manufacture. Bioplastics can also be made up of biopolymers, starches, and cellulose, and other materials.
Bioplastics are segmented into different types, such as
Starch-based plastics- this type of starch helps in absorbing humidity and is suitable for making drug capsules by the pharmaceutical sector
Cellulose-based plastics- these are mainly the cellulose esters and they are used for making celluloid.
Protein-based plastics- this type of bioplastics is made from protein, such as casein and wheat gluten.
Polylactic acid- it is a transparent type of plastic which is produced from corn or dextrose.
Polyamide 11- it is a type of polymer which we get from natural oil. It is used for electrical cable antitermite, automotive fuel lines.
Bio-derived polyethylene- polyethylene is basically ethylene. Bio-derived polyethylene is chemically and physically same as polyethylene.
Bioplastics are used for many items which can be disposed such as crockery, pots, straws, packaging, cutlery, and bowls. They are also used for fruit and vegetables containers, egg cartons, bags, vegetables, meat packaging, blister foils, and for bottling of soft drinks and dairy products. Bioplastics can also be used in non-disposable items such as carpet fibers, fuel lines, phone casing, insulation car interiors, and plastic piping. Bioplastic is also used in life science industry and solutions as polylactic acid is used for medical implants on patients as it dissolves in the body and can save a patient from having second operation. Starch polymers helps in producing compostable mulch films and are used in agriculture.
The bioplastics market is very much fragmented and, so it is difficult to give the total market size of it. It is estimated that the global production is 327,000 tonnes. But the global consumption of flexible packaging is 12.3 million tonnes.
Geographically the bioplastic market is segmented into different regions,
North America
Asia Pacific
Latin America
Middle East
The key players of the bioplastic market are
Novamont SPA
Natureworks LLC
Biome Technologies Plc
Corbion Purac

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