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Bromelia Lodge Providing Reiki and Energy Healing

What one need is a method to remove stress, body pain caused by stress and strain and mental agony, and help one attain a peaceful and balanced state of mind. Reiki can be of help to achieve that.

Living in the 21st century is pretty awesome; one just cannot deny that. We have the coolest gadgets, fast paced life where everything gets done quickly, a social life that can be digitalized, easy availability of everything to satisfy our needs... The list is endless. But with this fast-paced life come extreme stress, mental agony, a hurry and bustle that eventually slow us down and tires us completely. Rejuvenation is tried in many forms, but often they provide only a short-term relief. Once again, life slips back into the hustle and bustle.

It is an ancient hand on Reiki Energy Healing practiced and perfected in the early 1920's. The practice is said to have been developed by a Japanese Buddhist monk MikaoUsai. While the history of Reiki is shrouded in mystery, its effects have a scientific base too. Practicing of Reiki can set right the energetic imbalance in one's body, and recharge the entire body by using universal energy. Much like meditation, it also helps one attain a peaceful state of mind and enlightens one.

Health Exercise Chi Kung is done with the palms of the hand. Unlike in the case of a masseuse, a master does not apply force on the body. Healing is achieved through the lightest of touches, and if the patient wishes, no physical contact at all. The hands merely hover inches above the pain area. It is the transferring of energy that is the key here.

A significant amount of scientific research has been done, and Reiki has been proved to have a great effect on the patients. It helps in reducing pain and increasing comfort. Unlike pain killer tablets which come with a variety of side effects, Reiki does not have anything of that sort. It is pure and transparent. It happens right in front of the patient's eye. Also, after just one session of Reiki treatment, patients reported that they felt more relaxed and less anxious. It greatly reduced their stress levels. The blood pressure levels too were found to have decreased. Reiki has been practiced in some hospitals in USA too and has been found to be effective.

If you are looking for Yoga Retreats, then check

Manglaralto- Montaņita Via a Dos Mangas (16,416.48 km)

5934 Montaņita, Ecuador

(+593) 099 720 1868

by: Robinss

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