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BuildEquip The One stop Construction Equipment Hiring Shop

Operational since 1972, BuildEquip is a leading equipment and tool hire company in South Africa. If you are thinking about building your home or office building then, BuildEquip is the place to go. They boast an experienced and trained team who will give you expert advice on which equipment to hire.


  • Trestles and Ladders: These heavy duty trestles are mainly observed in constructional sites. DIY home builders can hire ceiling trestle, double sided step ladder for paintingor repairing the greater heights (like the ceiling) of their house. An Extension ladder, builder’s folding trestle, tripod trestle and timber boards are some other equipment offered.

  • Access and Scaffolding: A Quick-stage scaffold system, self-lock scaffolding towers and work-easy scaffold systems are essential components of constructing or repairing a building or an industrial warehouse. A wide range of scaffolding accessories and couplers are also available for hire at BuildEquip.

  • Formwork and Support: Under this section, you will be able to hire column clamps, H2O Beams and Ferrules & a Ferrule jack. Various props and accessories, which support the scaffolds, from Quick-stage to Round column formwork are also rented out.

  • Building and Site Tools: Pick, fencing panel, mortar board, pipe level, sieve, spade and steel profile are some of the tools that you can choose from. 16 different types of working tools are supplied byBuild Equip.

  • Surveying and Measuring: A Dumpy Level is used to survey the height differences. Nylon tape is also available at the hiring equipment facility.

  • Toilets and Storage: Chemical toilet, VIP toilet and flush toilet are affordable and are perfect for construction sites. They can be carried from one place to another due to their simple design. Builders sheds are ideal for housing various tools and equipment. They are secured from four sides and can be easily assembled.

Concrete, welding and lighting equipment, essential for theconstruction of a building are also available. The company provides site cleaning, gardening, trailers and many other tools for hire.

How to Hire
The equipment can be hired directly from their website. During delivery, they make sure that you check the tools and equipment and sign the relevant documents. They are responsible for the condition of the equipment as long as they are under their supervision (in their warehouse and delivery van).

For more information, visit the official website:

About BuildEquip
BuildEquip provides high-quality equipment and tools for hire throughout South Africa. All of their products are affordable. The company works hand in hand with the safety regulations.

Contact Us:
Unit 5
5 Danie Uys Street
Kaymor Industrial

021 948 8127

by: BuildEquip

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