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Businesses today, place so much importance on their customers and why not? After all, itís because of and for the customers that a business exists. Thatís the reason numerous attempts are made to assist the customers whenever they need help.†However, just providing a number of different customer service channels to the customers is not enough. Businesses should further adjust the expectations associated with these always-on, instant channels. This can effectively be done using chatbots.

Especially when itís about the banking sector, chatbots have a really important role to play. Read on to know.

Chatbots†serve as 24/7 customer support reps:

The very first purpose that the chatbots serve in a banking sector is that of automating the tedious banking procedures. The bots can effectively act as an automation tool and bring down the cost to a large extent. Banking bots can simply behave like live customer service reps by providing the needed assistance to the website visitors and resolving all their queries in real- time. Moreover, they can even serve as an informative knowledge base, enlightening the customers about the topics of their interest.

Banking bots make it easy to use banking apps:

As a matter of fact, almost all the financial apps are way too complex to use. User experience is not at all smooth when it comes to these apps. Thatís where chatbots step in and ease up the things to a large extent. The banking bots easily let the users do,†using their preferred channels like messaging platforms. They can further carry on important tasks such as viewing recent transactions, checking balance etc. without having to log into a website.

Banking bots are where the customers are:

ĎOmnipresentí is the word! Chatbots in the banking industry,†are not just limited to the website or the apps. They function seamlessly on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Twitter. The bots further extend their support through popular messaging apps including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Slack and all the other apps that customers use to interact with the banks. Not only this, chatbots are also optimized for mobile use, owing to the fact that the entire world has almost turned mobile!

Chatbots increase user engagement:

As a matter of fact, the banking industry has a lot to offer to its customers. However, the customers are not always aware of the array of goods and services that a bank may have proposed to its clients. As a solution, the banks use chatbots to spread a word about these products and services and also test the user engagement on them.

Banking bots provide safety against fraud:

Security is the topmost priority when it comes to the banking sector. All the relationships here are dependent upon a mutual trust. As they say, trust once lost is not at all easy to regain. Therefore, fraud prevention is a critical activity in banking and thatís exactly what the banking bots can effectively help with. They are efficient enough in monitoring and recognizing warning signs of any sort of fraudulent activity. As soon as a fraudulent activity is sensed, the users are notified through bankís messaging app. The users further guided towards fraud resolution.

Chatbots as banking bots have taken the customer service to an entirely new level and will continue to amaze the world with every new advancement!

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by: Surabhi Joshi

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