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Logistics giant CITC USA, successfully secures MAXR 100 deal in a move that is set to revolutionise energy consumption in Dubai.

Dubai, U.A.E.: May 2017

CITC USA leading provider of logistics services worldwide, recently secured the MAXR 100 deal, changing the landscape of The Middle East’s energy consumption in particular. Given the region’s exceedingly hot climate, countries like Dubai expend a great deal of energy on cooling homes and offices. This inevitably leads to not only exceptionally high energy bills, but also negative environmental impact which, currently is a raging global issue. As climate change and global warming have become integral topics addressed amongst governments, prominent countries which include those in the Middle-East, are under more pressure than ever to direct change. In line with this, a host of other significant organisations along with companies like mcmaster in dubai, are now looking at implementing greener strategies.

The MAXR100 deal means that CITC USA is now the exclusive distributor for the product. MAXR 100 is a fluid, an intermetallic compound that helps cut down energy consumption by 10%-30%. Needless to say, this trait means that it is in high demand in countries such as Dubai, where companies owe 54% of their energy consumption to cooling. Given that this component alone accounts for over half of their energy consumption, it is clear that change is necessary. Many businesses including mcmaster dubai are set to benefit from the distribution of this product, practicing sustainable business practices in the process.

Aside from saving 30% on your electricity bills, customers will also have an average time period of 6 months to get their money back, so there is assurance tied with it. For countries like Dubai where heat is a huge problem, products like MAXR 100 have been a long time coming and it is finally here. Apartment complexes and businesses in particular can look forward to reduced costs and over the long-term, increased revenue.

‘MAXR 100 is a very prominent product, and one that CITC USA is proud to be exclusive distributor of. It can be used in A/C units, central air-conditioning systems, heat pumps, refrigeration units, automotive A/C units and other applications. It has been proven to reduce energy consumption upto 30%, so we are looking forward to instilling a positive change within the country. We’ll be starting off with mcmaster dubai, and then working our way to encourage more companies to opt for the product not just because it directly affects them positively, but because it is also good for the planet. We’re also currently offering 10% off the total invoice for the first 100 customers.’- Manager: CITC USA


Established in 1986, the primary focus of CITC USA is the distribution of products and services for those who need to run their business operations with utmost efficiency. We are proud to cover a range of essential requirements from trucks to batteries, cables and so on. Regardless of your necessity, we are confident in providing you with the most fitting solution.
In order to offer our clients the best possible package, we make use of our network of over a 1,000 strong companies that enable us to locate the most suitable products with the best price and most convenient delivery time.

Our expansive network of CITC USA warehouses are capable of storing your orders for you safely and securely until they are shipped out to a location of your choice. With stringent inventory systems in place, we are able to strictly monitor all products that move in and out of our facilities. We are also able to take care of shipping requirements such as packaging, shipping, customs clearance as well as delivery.

For those who may have specific alterations, it is possible to get in touch with our Special Services division and obtain the necessary information.

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