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When CEOs prepare and aim for success, they should be even more ready for moments of crisis. A crisis, the disturbance of the status quo of things, can go from an environmental disaster, a functional problem, an image crisis (like loss of legitimacy), and internal crisis.

A brand is an example of an element that has the power to influence –positively or negatively- its context, some brands more than others, yet all they need to live in perfect balance with their surroundings, answering and acting accordingly to any situation.
The communication policies and channels of information can vary from brand to brand, but the ultimate goal of any guide of communication when facing crisis should be to offer clear, precise, sharp content of easy lecture and that handles trustworthy and quality information adapting to different potential risks.

Rumors and suppositions are the worst enemies when a brand confronts an adverse situation that escapes any kind of control and it can affect the business operations and revenues. That is why the first twenty-four hours are crucial. A crisis is an event that is characterized by the external pressure, thus every hour counts. The media, witnesses, families, and many other audiences will be pending of any response; so, at least, a partial or preventive announce will help to calm the waters using powerful key points through an expert spokesman.

A brand should never lie when giving a proper response to a crisis. The consequences’ balance should cover what really happen and tell the stakeholders what the specific outcome of the crisis was without giving the impressions that something is being hidden to the audiences. However, a common error is, for instance, when a business or institutions provide the name of victims when there is no certainty of it. It is a thin line what separates a premature announce to a preliminary efficacious message that relieves public anxiety.

An excellent spokesman will be the brand’s identity in front of public opinion. A crisis manual should specify who will be responsible to give the official statements and declarations based on the crisis manual key points. Furthermore, a public map of the most crucial or immediate audiences should also be specified.

To conclude, when building a crisis communication, the most important to consider is human lives.
There are different brands, like WI Communications, that can help when building a solid corporate crisis manual so the trustworthiness of the brand is never put in doubt as it won’t disappoint any of its stakeholders.

by: WI

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post a free press release
post a free press release