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Conversion marketing refers to the act of converting site visitors into paying customers. It further refers to tactics that encourage customers to take a specific action, "converting" a person browsing your website into a purchaser of your product or service. In terms of online marketing, this involves not only the sales pitch but also the website design and layout, as well as special actions.

Conversion marketing efficiency:

The number of customers who have completed a transaction/The total number of website visitors.

Conversion marketing is commonly viewed as a long-term investment rather than a quick fix by focusing more on improving site flow, online customer service channels, and online experience.

The objective of conversion marketing

Conversion marketing attempts to solve the issue of low online conversion by leveraging optimized customer service. In order to accomplish this, it requires a complex combination of personalized customer experience management, web analytics, and the use of customer feedback to contribute to process flow improvement and overall site design.

Categorization of conversion marketing:

i) Websites that sell products directly to the customer. For these websites, conversion is a matter of convincing people to make a purchase.

ii) Other websites which receive their revenue from advertising. Conversion for these websites means getting people to click on the various ads displayed on the website.

This means that every commercial website on the internet can inculcate this type of marketing in its presentation. Online customers browsing web pages from a list of search engine results can come and go quickly. That’s because they have an attention span of a seven-year-old while browsing. Therefore, the first step of conversion marketing is enticing people and getting them to just stick around.

Hence, the conclusion is, whether a website is selling products, services, or advertisements, customers are being asked to take a specific action. Conversion marketing tactics do not target a single consumer segment. It rather applies to the customers who visit a company’s website.

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by: Surabhi Joshi

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