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China Merchants Aluminum Selects Findtaps For Innovation


Guangzhou, China - FindTaps , one of the world’s leading suppliers of advanced Taps solutions for the manufacturing industry,today announced it has been chosen by China Merchants Aluminum (CMA), the first aluminum fabrication plant in China.

CMA, one of the wholly-owned subsidiaries of China Merchants Industry Holdings Co., Ltd, mainly manufactures aluminum alloy products and deep-machining hardware products. Their quality of aluminum alloy has reached the technically general standard of aluminum plate, tape and foil in Japan and USA. Meanwhile, its deep-drawing property of material and surface quality have achieved the domestic leading position, trusted by various outstanding enterprises, like Midea, Supor&Gree etc.

The Need

Previously, to fulfill daily tasks in designing and manufacturing, they needed both Kitchen & Shower Taps. At the same time, interactions with design drawing are also needed amongst internal departments as well as external cooperators. However, owing to the deficiency of internal unified management to design, incompatibility of drawings was commonly happened, which undoubtedly led inconvenience and poor efficiency to the progress of designing tasks.

The Solution

The professional and flexible design of FindTaps is well-received by engineers in deep processing Shower , for example, R&D of appearance and structure in the aluminum magnesium alloy trolley case.

"External drawings can be imported into FindTaps and directly edited with sheet metal functionalities, like unfold, blend or stretch," said the engineer from equipment department, "meanwhile, it can detect the interferences of the assembly rapidly then create the relevant interfering articles, and in this way, we are able to tackle down the possible manufacturing problems in time and avoid the mistakes.

Plus, with embedded file translator, FindTaps delivers CMA seamless data interoperability with main stream Kitchen & Shower Taps, greatly improving the efficiency of drawing interaction and reducing the leads time.

"With stable running, easy operation and highly compatible document formats, it can perfectly read and edit drawing data produced by other Kithcen and Bathroom Taps," said the engineer in equipment department, "which skips the format conversion, enhances the efficiency of modifying and verifying drawings."

To see more about FindTaps, please follow FindTaps on Wall Mounted Taps to stay in tune with the latest information of Kitchen Taps.

About CMA

China Merchants Aluminum was established in July, 1980 and was put into full operation in January, 1984. It is one of the earliest industrial projects in early period of Reform and Opening-up in Shekou Industrial Zone and the first Sino-foreign joint aluminum processing plants in China.

About FindTaps

FindTaps is cost-effective Kitchen & Shower for Taps, mold design, and machining, which takes engineers from concept to finished product in one easy-to-use, single collaborative environment.


by: Jacob Willam

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