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Citizens Commission on Human Rights to Hold Forum on the Cause of Racism

Citizens Commission on Human Rights of Nashville (CCHR Nashville) is holding a special forum at the end of January 2018.

The Nashville Chapter of Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR Nashville) is planning a special forum in late January to follow up on the holiday for Martin Luther King, Jr., where they will discuss the cause of racism and strategies to combat this in observance of International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

CCHR is known as an advocate for human rights, especially as relates to patientsí rights in the field of mental health. Per the international CCHR website,, "CCHR has long fought to restore basic inalienable human rights to the field of mental health, including, but not limited to, full informed consent regarding the medical legitimacy of psychiatric diagnosis, the risks of psychiatric treatments, the right to all available medical alternatives and the right to refuse any treatment considered harmful."

"CCHR is committed to helping people learn their rights, especially as relates to freedom of conscience," says CCHR Nashville Board Member, Brian Fesler. CCHR Nashville regularly hosts events and meetings with local leaders who give insight into patientsí rights, parentsí rights and more.

CCHR is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious mental health watchdog. Its mission is to eradicate abuses committed under the guise of mental health and enact patient and consumer protections. CCHR receives reports about abuses in the field of mental health and is especially interested in situations where persons experienced abuse or damage due to a false diagnosis or unwanted and harmful psychiatric treatments, such as psychiatric drugs, electroshock (ECT) and electronic or magnetic brain stimulation (TMS). CCHR is often able to assist with filing complaints, and can work with a personís attorney to further investigate the case. To contact CCHR Nashville for more information, visit

by: Annette Freeman

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