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Clever Tips To Shoo Away All Your High Heel Woes

Does the smell of a brand new pair of heels drive you insane?

Do you love collecting the most bizarre†kind of heels?

Is your shoe rack full of an amazing†collection of stilettos, pumps, wedges from Christian Louboutins, Gucci, Prada and more?

Well, if thatís the case, you probably are worried about their maintenance. The fact that you just get to wear them for parties and important events and are unable to care for them the way you are supposed to, may be bothering you. Isnít it?

Stress no more and read on to know the best tips to shoo away each and every heel woe that may be bothering you.

Do not drive in heels:

Driving in those deadly gorgeous red pumps is the worst thing you can do to them! Thatís because the pressure on your heels from driving can simply cause them to break. So, itís better to drive your car in flipflops or else youíll end up damaging your priced possessions within no time.

Get rid of odor asap:

Those pretty babies are meant to smell like their own selves and not like a rotten mouse, isnít it? So, if by any chance your shoes smell bad with odor, do not waste time and sprinkle some baking soda on them and remove it the following morning with a soft cloth. It will not only cut down the bad smell but will also absorb the dirt settled inside the heels.

Invest in heel protectors:

You didnít invest in those breathtakingly beautiful heels just to see them damaged by wearing them a few times!

Though they sturdy enough to support you in the long haul that doesnít mean you need to be ignorant towards all that do for you! Let them stay beautiful and make you look hot each time you wear them. Invest in good quality heel savers so as to prevent the heels from sinking into the grass and scratching up against dreaded subway grates.

Be careful about where and how you walk:

Itís a no-brainer that those precious lovelies that you just bought are not meant to be worn to places full of puddles, slush, roads full of rainwater, uneven surfaces or anything thatís not good for them!

You should make it a point to avoid passing through such places when wearing heels and if thatís not possible, carry your flats as a backup for dashing through such harsh places. Also, do not forget that you wore those beauties to look elegant. So, keep that athlete spirit aside for the tie your feet are into them and try to walk gently and elegantly.

Invest in a quality shoe conditioner:

Just keeping your heels packed up in those pieces of paper of boxes wonít help to keep them safe for long!

Strange but true!

You need to care for them just like you care for your skin or hair! So, invest in a quality shoe conditioners so as to keep your heels looking like new for as long as possible. There are a number of shoe conditioners out there in the market that not only helps in moisturizing the shoe material but also help promote their flexibility and give a protective water-repelling layer for that extra protection.

Do not forget to clean your prized possessions:

The very first thing you should be doing after you return from your friendís cocktail party is to clean the heels and its ends with a cotton cloth.

This will help prevent the stains from sticking to the heels. However, all that you need to keep in mind is, never use water to remove those stains. Instead, clean them with a wet sponge and wipe off with a cotton cloth.

Consider buying a sectioned shoe rack:

When you do not have a proper storage area for your heels, they are sure to be lying about in various places where they may get worn out or damaged.

So, itís advisable that you invest in a proper sectioned shoe rack so that you have a safe environment to store all your high heels. Ignore this advice and none of your investments would turn out to be fruitful!

Donít be quick enough in throwing them away:

Theyíve done so much for you. Theyíve made you look gorgeous at a number of parties! They have helped you put your best foot forward each time you wore them.

Now, when they are slightly damaged, are you going to throw them out, mercilessly?

Poor babies! They donít deserve all this, do they?

So, instead of throwing them out at the first sign of disrepair, you either take them to a cobbler or invest in some high heel shoe repair products.

Follow these tips to help all your lovely heels live long!

Source :

by: Surabhi Joshi

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