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Colour Ribbons your one stop shop for personalised Christmas ribbons

Colour Ribbons Ltd is a British ribbon company established in 1984. It originally started as a garment label manufacturer, but since then it has expanded to a recognised manufacturer of beautiful ribbons. This company aims to offer clients the chance to choose from a wide variety of products and have them delivered anywhere in the UK and in Europe, in a very effective time frame. Colour Ribbons collaborates with many wholesalers, bakers, florists and chocolate companies and supplies them with the perfect ribbons they need to decorate their products. Everyone can appreciate the detailed offered by the right ribbon, whether it is on a cake, a flower bouquet or on a box of chocolates. The part when one opens the bow to see what is inside or simply admires the gorgeous item in front of them is truly a wonderful moment.

Colour Ribbons continues to add new ribbon designs to its collection, be the rosettes, satin, grosgrain or any other material available on the market. Customers can always count on this manufacturer to offer them exactly what they needed. This company is always opened to collaborating with new wholesalers and will even offer personalised Christmas ribbon to those who need something in particular. While it offers a wide range of products, the businesses that would like their ribbons to have their name or logo printed on them can definitely obtain what they need if they choose to work with this manufacturer. Its team of textile technologists handles every bespoke project with maximum care, in order to ensure that the final products will look exactly how the client wanted.

Colour Ribbons will do its best to deliver its orders promptly. In the UK, orders will reach their destination within 3 days, although bespoke projects will take slightly longer. Those who want to customise their order can contact a company representative and discuss their project directly. There is a contact form available on the website that customers can fill out with the details of their order and they will receive an answer as soon as possible. There is always something on sale available on this website, so those who want to make some savings will always be able to find something they like.

This company offers great Christmas ribbon wholesale UK prices, especially during this time. Even though some may think that there are still a few months until Christmas, those who work in the business field know that this is when they have to stock up if they want to get the great items and not worry about any delays during that time. With so many options to choose from available at Colour Ribbons, everyone can find something interesting. All ribbons on this website are of the highest quality and are designed and manufactured by a team of dedicated professionals who always make sure they deliver gorgeous ribbons while still maintaining competitive rates. No matter what type of ribbons one might need or prefer, they will always find what they need on this website and order it fast and easy!

For more information about personalised Christmas ribbon please visit!

by: Bradley Hopps

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