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Community Partners is fundraising for CA Safe Schools



California Safe Schools (CSS) is a children’s environmental health and justice coalition founded by Robina Suwol in 1998 following an incident when grade school students were sprayed with pesticides as they headed to class. A school gardener in a hazardous materials suit, employed by Los Angeles Unified, unaware students were present, sprayed the herbicide Princep creating a cloud of pesticide mist students were forced to walk through in order to reach their classrooms.

Several parents who had dropped off their children at the school were alarmed to witness this event. One of them was Robina Suwol, whose sons, ages six and ten, were forced to walk directly through the cloud. Later, her youngest son, Nicholas, whose asthma had been under control, experienced a severe asthma attack

With no litigious motives, California Safe Schools worked with the district, and one year to the date Nicholas became ill, CSS and LA Unified (2nd largest in the nation) created the most stringent pesticide policy in the nation for schools.

The policy was the first in the USA that embraced the Precautionary Principle & Parents Right to Know regarding pesticides in schools.

The success of the policy led to California legislation, Healthy Schools Act 2000, and AB 405 spearheaded by Robina Suwol and California Safe Schools, which prevents experimental pesticides whose health effects are unknown, from being used on all K-12 California schools.

As a result, 6 million students, hundreds of thousands of teachers and school employees are protected.

by: California Safe Schools Coalition

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