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Compare Parse vs Shephertz App42 and Seamlessly Migrate Your Data

Parse shutting down is an old news. You know, everybody knows. What next? Where would you go with your app data? Will you manage everything by yourself? Or will you look for another mBaaS provider? Let me take the liberty of comparing Parse with ShepHertz App42 Platform for you to understand better.
Not only ShepHertz has a very detailed product line that includes App42 Cloud APIs, Marketing Automation, App42 API Gateway, App42 Virality, AppWarp, DevOps and etc, the support you get is seamless and is available 247.

Common features between ShepHertz and Parse:
User Management: App42 provides a comprehensive User Management solution to handle users both as App42 Users and Social Users. The service contains operations for managing user registration, authentication, state (revoking, locking, expiry etc.), role management, profile management, password policy, etc. Almost everything that one can do is available through the AppHQ console. These users can be also exported in various formats at the click of a button, if required.
Storage Service: App42 provides an easy interface to save your app data in the form of JSON objects saved inside a given collection and database. Here collection is like a table and your JSON object represents a row inside that collection. As shown below, an app can have a DB which can have multiple collections and a collection can have multiple JSON Documents.

Push Notification: A complete use case package of sending push notification to your users supported from the AppHQ Management Console as well as through the client side APIs.
It involves features like
sending push to a single user, to a group of users, to a subscribed channels or to all users in one go
scheduling push for future dates
rich push notifications
location based notifications
effectiveness of the push sent/opened
campaign based notifications
supported for Android, iOS, Windows 10, WNS, Web Push

Cloud Code(Custom Code): Through Cloud Code service a developer can deploy and run their custom code on our servers without worrying about scalability, security and reliability.
Apart from above major services, App42 also provides services like:
Social connect with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Post, update, invite, fetch, refer etc
A complete set of APIs for Geospatial Services on cloud including storage, retrieval, query, update Geo data
What you get more at ShepHertz:

Gamification: App42 Cloud APIs provides a wide range of gaming APIs to manage
Game Leaderboards: A wide-ranging set of APIs enables you to get top ranking, social ranking, top ranking in buddies, location based etc
Achievements: Allow your users to create, earn and get achievements
Rewards Management: Earn and redeem reward and find top earners, etc
Buddy Management: Help users to create their own social group. They can send, accept, reject, block, unfriend and reject buddies
Avatar Management: Your users can create, delete, update, previous avatars in your app. Also, there are operations for managing user avatars i.e. Images provided by users, facebook, web URL or through InputStream
Gift Management: Provide a way for your users to send and accept gifts from their buddies

Actionable Analytics: A comprehensive actionable analytics tool to help in analyzing real time user behavior, engaging them through Push/In-App/Survey/Email/Coupon Campaigns, and monitoring user returning frequency through Cohort Analysis right from our AppHQ Management Console.

Real Time Messaging & Gaming Cloud Service: A tool that helps in creating real time multiplayer games(Turn-based, MMO etc.). Supports different features like matchmaking, in-built turn-based mechanism, connection-resiliency, cloud as well as on-premise server hosting solution.

If you or anyone you know would like to migrate their app data from Parse to ShepHertz, you may refer to this link for more details. Please write to us at in case you have any issues or queries.

by: Shephertz

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