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CosmosCR announces the launch of CYBR Token ICO

Schiedam, the Netherlands, January 10, 2019, CosmosCR, a blockchain powered decentralized virtual reality universe has announced that it will launch the ICO for its $CYBR token (an ERC20 token) on February 4th, 2019. The project has developed a unique ecosystem in its virtual reality metaverse where the $CYBR token will become instrumental in conducting transactions within the platform.

CosmosCR is designed to be a VR platform that can be accessed from a web browser and end-users can navigate, explore, create and actively use the applications created in the virtual world. The platform has a unique framework, data storage, and distribution model. People will be using $CYBR Token to purchase land parcels, in-world items, and plugins in CosmosCR and own them on the blockchain as NFT (nonfungible token).

$CYBR tokens can be purchased with Ethereum or Bitcoins. The company has fixed the price of the $CYBR token in Ethereum (1 ETH= 8000 $CYBR tokens) and determines the Bitcoin value based on the exchange rate to Ethereum. CosmosCR will also reward free $CYBR tokens to early investors participating in the ICO. During the first week, investors will get 20% extra $CYBR tokens, on the second week 15% extra tokens, the third week will allow 10% extra tokens and the fourth week will offer 5% extra $CYBR tokens to people investing in the ICO. The company said that there will be no additional bonus tokens after the fourth week. The ICO is scheduled to end on April 4th, 2019.

The organization has further announced that it will be giving away a free virtual land parcel on every 5 ETH investment in the ICO. So if you are investing 50 ETH, you will be getting 10 land parcels free and so on. This virtual land will have prime locations on the Mainland and can be claimed before the public land sale. CosmosCR is also offering an affiliate program on the ICO platform through which it will award a bounty of 5% of the investment of the referral, excluding bonus, to people bringing investors to the ICO through their referral link.

For the ICO, CosmosCR has set a Softcap (minimum goal) to 10,000 ETH and the Hardcap (maximum goal) has been to 75,000 ETH. The maximum token supply will be 1,000,000,000 $CYBR and the company announced that the unsold tokens will be burned. Interested buyers can review the token distribution in CosmosCR Whitepaper here.

by: Angela Makoy

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