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Creative Escapes Join Photography Holidays And Unleash Your Creativity

Shelton Street, London - The human soul is always in search of something new and creative to help express us an individual. One of the best ways people can portray their art is through the lens of a camera. While many of the younger generations take up their mobile phones and take selfies or landscape photos that are severely filtered before posting them on social media, this is a far cry from the experience of an actual photographer.

Creative Escapes offers a unique and one of a kind holiday experience that combines the relaxation of a luxury vacation with a photography training program. "The goal of Creative Escapes is to provide a hands-on experience with non-techy tutorials with a one-on-one guided demo that will make any photography novice into a Bailey in just a few days." Explains one of the staff at Creative Escapes.

These amazing photography holidays has earned a lot of praise from different publications such as The Guardian who named this as one of the "Top Ten Photography Holidays", "Six Best Hands on Holidays" as said by the Independent on Sunday, as well as being called the "Best Photo Breaks" by The Sunday Telegraph. Creative Escapes has been gathering praises and awards since 2007, and they have only just started.

There are different holiday destinations that range from the secluded deserts of the Sahara to the mountains of California. There is a destination that is perfect for everyoneís ideal holiday and picturesque destination. As the Wall Street Journal once said: "There tailor-made trips give visitors an insiderís perspective of the countries they are touring with local experts guiding them."

While the local tour guides know all the best spots for shopping, dining, and drinking the expert photography tutors know the best places for the most gorgeous and jaw-dropping photographs in the area. The small groups of eight people can learn the best techniques from their tutors who all have different, but equally amazing experience in the field of photography.

Study under the guidance of renowned photographers like Marcus Doyle who specializes in fine art landscape photography or Rebecca Westcott a food and lifestyle photographer or Matt Burgess, a documentary photographer, and so many other experienced photographers with different specializations.

All techniques taught by tutors and learned by students are low-tech but very professional. You will be amazed at the outcome of every shot you take; they will look award-winning photographers worthy of praise and recognition. No matter where you go, whether itís during the Holi Festival in India or in the calming seaside paradise of Costa Rica you will surely bring home fond memories that will forever be remembered in photographs.

Book your first photography holiday with Creative Escapes today and get to experience traveling and photography is a totally different and more memorable way. Check out the different destinations to see which one fits with your skill set and holiday expectations. For those who have already traveled with Creative Escapes, donít worry there are more adventures in store that will challenge your photography skills once more!

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by: Creative Escapes

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