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Curated Event Rental Service Launches in Select Cities

WEST SACRAMENTO, CA – JUNE 8, 2018 – Sacramento-based startup For the Love of Parties proudly announces the official launch of its online portal, which currently serves four cities.
For the Love of Parties is a party, event and wedding rentals online marketplace that connects customers with multiple vendors. Customers can browse and book inventory online, saving them time to handle the other tasks of planning their big event.
The online portal currently serves Sacramento, Calif., Portland, Ore., Seattle, Wash. and Springfield, Mass. Co-founder Anna Tkachuk, a Sacramento resident, expects the company will serve more cities by the end of 2018.
"People love discovering unique cool pieces all in one place," she said.
The event rental service hopes to become a resource for locals seeking an easier way to find and book unique, curated event items. That can especially be a blessing for hard-to-find items.
Tkachuk expects the online portal to be popular with couples planning weddings. Other target audiences include event coordinators as well as designers and photographers seeking props.
"It could just be someone planning a fun, stylish event or wanting to find some inspiration," she said. As an event coordinator herself, she understands how much of a hassle it can be to find the right items when having to visit vendors’ individual websites or physical locations.
Numerous local vendors from each city served appear on the site. Rather than rental companies, many of the vendors are people with available items but not enough resources to launch their own website. They can leverage the technology offered by For the Love of Parties to reach a wider audience.
"Say you just had your own huge wedding party and you purchased plenty of items that you’ll likely not use again," Tkachuk said. "Perhaps you already have plenty of interesting items and thought about starting a home-based business to rent your stocked décor. We’re ready and willing to share your items with our clients." lets vendors automatically create invoices, track payments and manage a rental calendar. Curators can also post original content to inspire others.
Thanks to vendors’ participation, customers can find anything from backdrops and bistro lights to rustic candlestick holders and floral-covered swings.
"Saved me a headache!" one enthusiastic customer texted. That means profit for the vendors.
For more information, visit its website at or call 530-593-1450.

by: Anna Tkachuk

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