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Cutting Edge Lawn and Landscape Certified lawn service provider in Wichita

Cutting Edge Lawn & Landscape is a certified lawn service provider in Wichita. They provide their lawn service to their customers in Wichita and areas around Kansas. Cutting Edge Lawn & Landscape provides lawn services care such as Aeration, pest and disease control, lawn fertilization, lawn mowing and weed control. They have a team of experts who will take care of all your lawn care needs. Cutting Edge Lawn and Landscape provides lawn care service for both commercial and residential properties of their customers.

Aeration Service

Cutting Edge Lawn & Landscape provides aeration service in their customerís lawn, so that the grass in their lawn will grow healthy by absorbing water and nutrients from the soil. They also relieve compaction in the lawn which will improve the health of their turf.

Pest and disease control

If you find any brown spots in your lawn it may happen not only due to lack of water in the lawn. Brown spots in lawn mostly occur due to pest or disease in your turf. Cutting Edge Lawn & Landscape provides necessary treatments in your lawn to avoid further damage due to pest and disease. Pest and disease in lawn should be treated as soon as it is noticed.

Fertilization service

If your soil doesnít have enough nutrients, then you canít expect your lawn to grow healthy. Cutting Edge Lawn & Landscape provides fertilization service, in which they use fertilizer for your lawn, which acts as necessary nutrients for your lawn. They use six step fertilizer weed control process which assure you that your lawn get itís required nutrients from fertilizer.

Mowing Service

To make their customer lawn look aesthetic, Cutting Edge Lawn & Landscape provides mowing service. They offer their lawn mowing service weekly and bi- weekly to maintain the best look of their customerís lawn. After lawn mowing they will keep your lawn clean by blowing any debris that is present in your lawn.
Weed Control
Cutting Edge Lawn & Landscape also provides weed control services. They have experts who can easily identify the type of weeds that is growing in their customer lawn and make an action plan according to the type of weed.

About Cutting Edge Lawn & Landscape

Cutting Edge Lawn & Landscape is a leading lawn care service provider in Wichita, Kansas. Some of the places in which they provide their lawn care service are Wichita, Derby, Andover and Sedgwick counties. Other than lawn care service they also provide services like landscape design, landscape maintenance, sprinklers and irrigation service and landscape installation service. Cutting Edge lawn & landscape has many technicians who are expert in lawn care service. To know more information about lawn service in Wichita, visit

3425 N Broadway, Wichita, KS 67219, USA
Phone: +1 316-390-1443

by: Alex Lutz

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