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DBI Technologies adds Support for Office Professional Visual C and more

DBI Technologies answers the call for increased information worker support with the release of Studio Controls COM 64.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, March 14, 2014 -- Answering information worker requirements for greater horse- power, increased computing capacity and greater user experience is challenging for many enterprises, especially when those needs must be balanced with corporate application support. The increasing use of 64-bit hardware and 64-bit versions of office productivity software is creating an opportunity for many enterprise software developers. Those opportunities come with their own challenges and DBI Technologies is answering the call with the release of Studio Controls COM 64 - a suite of industry tested software components for user experience (UX) design, data navigation and reporting, that help developers shorten their time to market.

Studio Controls COM 64 is an extension of DBI's awarding winning and industry tested line up of reusable component software products. Although .NET has increased in popularity for many enterprise development groups, Visual C++ (Visual Studio 2010 and later) and Microsoft Office Professional (Access 2013) are great examples of development platforms with long histories and vibrant development communities. These tried and true development platforms and their communities are shifting to take advantage of the latest in computing power and moving their older 32 bit code bases in sync with the latest 64 bit editions of their platforms. DBI Technologies has supported the COM developer communities (VC++, Access and many other COM compliant development environments) since 1996 and with the release of Studio Controls COM 64 continues to do so.

For many enterprise and commercial software developers, Visual C++ has long been the standard for building Windows applications. Not unlike Cobol on the IBM platforms, there is so much VC++ software in the market place and it's not going away any time soon. More to the point, it's more profitable for many commercial software companies to migrate their existing code to take advantage of current 64 bit computing systems. This trend alone has increased the demand for 64 bit component software that ultimately provides increased functionality, great user experiences, performance and profitability for these enterprises.

We're pleased to respond to our current and new customer requests for new products and enhancements that meet their growing needs", said Craig Gluck, senior VP of product development. "The 15 royalty free software components that comprise Studio Controls COM 64 are a perfect choice for commercial software companies and consultants alike." Studio Controls COM 64 adheres to Microsoft standards delivering design and operational performance wrapped in an advanced developer experience.

The release of Studio Controls COM 64 continues DBI's long established market support for developers using COM compliant development environments (IDE's) including Microsoft Access, VC++, LabVIEW, Visual Cobol, Visual RPG and many others.

Each current license of a DBI component software product includes an annual subscription service providing developers with all product upgrades, all component updates, new component releases and direct access to technical support online, 24 hours a day. A single developer's license of Studio Controls COM 64 starts at $675. Complete product details including sample applications can be found at:

About DBI Technologies Inc:
DBI Technologies Inc. is a commercial software development company focused on empowering application developers with the most flexible and respected, reusable commercial component software for Scheduling and Presentation layer application design. DBI is recognized for its award winning component products and its technical support for customers working in any Microsoft or .NET and OLE compliant development environment.

As an industry leader in the implementation of component-based application development, DBI provides creative solutions for its customers, incorporating current technologies built on commercially sound component-based architectures.

Contact :
Rod Miller
DBI Market
700 - 44 Princess Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3B 1K2

by: Rod Miller

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