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Day package near Delhi by The RurBan Village

People are somewhat stuck in the effects of globalization which is keeping them occupied and not letting them attain the slightest peace of mind. All the hustle and bustle of the busy urban life is the main cause of the intolerable stress and strain most people face. After discovering this source of stress, the Sahas Foundation took an initiative to create a platform which can provide that one moment of peace to the souls of the people. This is how The RurBan Village originated and has been a prolific platform for the people since then.
It is the best place for people who love to enjoy the core soul of India and experience the bliss it has to offers. The open field, the fragrance of the fresh cut grass, the joy of playing in the fields, all these things always offer an ode of joy to the soul.
For the ease of the people, RurBan has started a web portal which can enable individuals to book a stay in RurBan. You will find a wide array of different packages such as activities, stay, tents & cottages, etc. to make your stay a pleasant experience.
You can get cost-effective One Day Package near Delhi to explore the beauty of rural India with your loved ones. These One Day packages can also consist of multiple adventurous rural and urban activities. You can enjoy
• Cricket, Basketball, Football, etc.
• Mud Bath & Tube well Bath
• Bird, duck and Fish Feeding
• Zip Line
• Wall Climbing
• Swing
• Ladder Walk
• Pottery
• Charkha
• Lattu
• GilliDanda
• Kite Flying
• KancheGoli
• Kho Kho
All of these activities are available at the most competitive, per head prices. You can re-live the memories of your childhood with all these activities.
The RurBan Village believes in taking good care of mother earth. Hence, they use solar energy, biogas, and animal breeding. They promote reforestation and share the techniques of improving the environments with all the visitors.
The Day, as well as the overnight packages of The RurBan Village, are quite elusive and entertaining. You can easily get a Day Package near Delhi by browsing the web portal at All you need to do is visit the website and open the Package section. There, you will find all the details regarding the package. You need to select the date and number of people before booking.
Not just the activities, you have the opportunity to choose the type of accommodation. You can also choose from a variety of food selections.
RurBan has attempted to recreate the rural India which has vanished in present times. If you are willing to experience a trip to the roots of our nation, be a part of The RurBan Village.
About the Company: The RurBan Village is a part of the great vision of Sahas Foundation. The core objective of RurBan is to remind the people that our roots start from the rural region of India. The ‘RurBan’ is the amalgam of ‘RURal’ and ‘urBAN’ and is the Holy Grail for the people who are looking to get away from the concrete jungle of a metropolis.
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Contact us: 9871005139.
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by: Shreyas Rastogi

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