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Delectable Nature of Avion Tequila and A Few Cocktail Recipes

Margarita and straight up shots of Tequila have already picked up the pace in the parties and events. Its fame has reached beyond comprehension and modern people have found no difficulty in blending into the flow of its translucent intoxication. Agave plant takes the credit for developing this drink. This plant species has more than 400 different life forms and most of them are used in manufacturing this particular beverage. Avion Tequila is a notable name in the huge circle of tequila production in all over the world. Its distillation process, flavor, taste, and capability to go well with other drinks, makes it the toast of best bars and pubs. This particular product has an electrifying effect that works well with salt. The sharp flavor and transparence makes it appealing for cocktails and straight shots both.

Manufacturing Process
Most of the tequila brands follow near about similar process to manufacture this drink. However, some brands have figured out how to build up excitement inducing effect while drinking the beverage. Generally, blue agave is used to extract special elements for the drink. This plant species grows in handful of areas in Mexico, which are regulated by the government of the said country. Their strict order and quality check ensures, only the best product to pass for indulgence. Avion Tequila is one of these brands that have attracted a huge crowd of passionate tequila lovers by offering world class alcohol product.

Ultra-slow filtration is the trick that separates this drink from other brands in the primary stage of manufacturing process. This filtration technique adds a certain level of smoothness to the liquid and blends its elements altogether to reduce the chop or harshness while drinking. Best bars with happening entertainment and free flow of booze are accepting that most of their clients look for Avion brand of tequila to enjoy every moment of the party.

Now Let Us Discuss About a Few of The Most Delectable Tequila Cocktails:
Although this particular drink has its own effect in straight shots, Avion Tequila promises to increase the intensity of a party by offering hot party drinks.
Bloody Maria: This drink has derived its name from very popular bloody Mary cocktail. The ingredients are nearly the same as always with one distinct difference; which is, in bloody Maria, we use tequila instead of vodka. You can use 2 oz of Avión Silver, 2 tsp of Horseradish, 2 oz or a bit more of tomato juice, half oz of Worcestershire Sauce, a few drops of Lime, salt, pepper, and a few dashes of Tabasco sauce to measure the taste. Do not forget to stir the elements in a glass to blend everything in a proportionate manner.

Iced Espresso: If you are trying to find a delectable drink in the party without crossing your well maintained alcohol level, then iced espresso would be your best choice. You need to divide the drink in three parts and use 1 part Avión drink, 1 part soda water, and 1 part Italian Espresso to make something you have never tasted before. You need a tall glass to blend these ingredients together. It goes well with or without milk servings. Best bars add espresso beans to the drink, to create a unique flavor and to offer something new to tequila lovers.
If you are looking for information on Avion Tequila and popular cocktail recipes, visit our site and find helpful information on best bars and their locations.

by: Gail Black

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