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Demo Day startups that transcend borders

Teams in 100-day MedTech Startup School 2017 present their ideas

(Stuttgart/Tübingen) - The third MedTech Demo Day, organised by the MedTech Startup School and BioRegio STERN Management GmbH (, was held at the Bootshaus am Neckar in Tübingen in October. The organisers joined forces with Medical Innovations Incubator GmbH, the Medical Innovations Foundation, the University Hospital of Tübingen and the University of Tübingen's Technology Transfer Office to stage the Demo Day. This marked the end of a 100-day innovation training programme for ten teams of researchers, doctors and students. All the teams were able to present their ideas for founding new medtech businesses to potential investors, business experts and healthcare specialists.

In July 2017, the ten teams embarked on their 100-day innovation training programme at the MedTech Startup School. Lawyers, business experts, scientists and doctors explained to the young researchers from a wide range of sectors what makes a good business model and how a startup company works. The teams presented the ideas they had developed to an audience of eminent figures from business and research. The judges were then each able to vote for their favourite.

This year's winner was "Prometheus Science", whose team presented an open source platform for developing technical equipment. Data, designs and design studies are placed on the platform to eliminate the costly and time-consuming development process for lab technicians by using collective intelligence. The first product that has been developed in this way is the "FlyPi" all-in-one biotech lab for detecting and investigating parasites in blood.
Second place went to the "Elastigenics" team, which combines elastin-specific antibodies and nanoparticles charged with a special active ingredient. The aim of these therapeutic active ingredients is to restore vital elastin, which is responsible for the elongation of blood vessels and is reduced with age.
The third prize was won by "PlasPatch" for the development of a mobile device to produce an innovative plasma plaster. Using cold atmospheric plasma technology, PlasPatch can produce the material to treat chronic wounds in patients at home.

All the teams demonstrated an exceptional interdisciplinary approach. The impressive innovations would not have been possible without the collaboration between biologists, medical specialists, IT experts and engineers. This was also lauded by Dr. Christoph Zrenner, co-initiator of the MedTech Startup School, from the University Hospital of Tübingen: "Now in its third year, the Startup School has already become an established tool for creating innovations. I'm particularly pleased we can already reap the rewards of the last few years." A number of projects presented in the first two years have already secured funding and investment. Dr. Verena Grimm, project manager at BioRegio STERN Management GmbH, was impressed with the competition's international dimension: "The MedTech Startup School is now one of the leading events of this kind in Germany. The international make-up of the teams shows it has long made a name for itself beyond national borders."

The project is funded by Baden-Württemberg's State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and IFEX, an initiative for founding new businesses and company succession.

Pressekontakt Zeeb Kommunikation GmbH Anja Pätzold Hohenheimer Straße 58a 70174 Stuttgart +49 (0)711-6070719

BioRegio STERN, MedTech Startup School 2017, Prometheus Science, Elastigenics, PlasPatch

by: BioRegio STERN Management GmbH

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