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Discover beautiful apartments in Italy on Residencecivetta is a dedicated, trustworthy resort that can provide all interested clients a wide range of options when it comes to accommodation in Italy! Considering that this country is widely recognized as one of the most popular tourist destinations, a website that is ready to offer each and every client the right accommodation alternative for his or her needs is pure gold! Residence Civetta is just the partner you need in organizing a perfect winter trip to Italy! Working with this company will prove to be more beneficial than you first imagined and here is how!

This facility is just what you need to enjoy the cold snow and fresh air in Italy. Residence Civetta is the ultimate resort that can provide with you great looking Alleghe appartamenti and rooms. This is the perfect location to travel with your friends. If you should be researching for a casa in montagna, you can choose Residence Civetta, as it will provide you with just the needed accommodation. Spending the winter season in Italy is a great decision as the resorts here are much more than what you have bargained for. You will surely come to this conclusion after the first night spent at Residence Civetta. The resort is situated close to the ski slope, the entertainment centre will surely go beyond your expectations. Just imagine yourself coming down the slope, tired and exhausted. Wouldn’t it help to know that your resort is very close to you?

Moreover, instead of renting a case vacanze montagna to stay together with all your friends and family, you could easily visit the Residence Civetta official website and check out the offer. You will quickly discover that this resort can provide you with appartamenti Dolomiti large enough to fit as many as 8 individuals. Furnished in a modern style, in the exact manner you would normally expect a mountain house to look, all the 35 apartments that can be rented by Residence Civetta truly are the best options you have! Get away from that crowded, typical hotel atmosphere and learn to enjoy your winter holiday in a different manner.

Residence Civetta is a resort that was founded in 2011. Fully equipped, adequately furnished, this facility is everything tourists might expect from a mountain vacation residence. If the design of Residence Civetta is not enough to convince you to book an apartment as soon as possible, then its location will surely persuade you. Residence Civetta is situated in the centre of Dolomites! The view is truly spectacular and the range of services provided by this facility is worth knowing. Each apartment has free internet access via WIFI or internet point. Residence Civetta has two elevators that can be used by guests. Also, this facility can provide guests with an entertainment room. In the basement of this facility, guests will discover a game room, where children can enjoy themselves. If you want to spend a winter vacation which will turn out to be memorable, then you should definitely hurry to book one or two apartments at Residence Civetta!

For further information, please visit or use the contact details below:

Contact Name: Residence Civetta
Company name: Residence Civetta
Exact Address: Via del Gonfet 7 - 32010 Zoldo Alto (BL)
Phone no: +39 3483147964
Email address:

by: Residence Civetta

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