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Discover easier communication experiences with these social media packages

The social media networks rule the marketing world when it comes to building brand awareness, boost demand generation, foster better customer engagement, and increase valuable traffic by helping businesses become authorities on their niche/mass markets. Each day, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other SM platforms offer more advantages and accessories for marketers to build a strong, continuous, and consistent communication channels with their most important audiences, whilst the final users can acquire high-quality content targeted to their specific needs and requirements.

People of all ages and nations are using social media to share and connect not only with their friends and families but also with their favorite brands. The success of the social, messaging, and social network apps was so significant the last year that it positioned the message providers as the most downloaded apps by the users in 2018, based on the stats of several polls. The top 7 began with WhatsApp (+2 billion downloads), Facebook Messenger (+1 billion of downloads only in Google Play), Facebook (+4 billion of downloads), Instagram (+1 billion downloads). Continued with Twitter (+300 million of monthly users and more 830.000 million of downloads according to, LINE (711.000 million downloads), and ended up with Viber (+600 million of downloads).

Based on the Social Beat's Digital Marketing Industry Report 2018's numbers, about more than half of the brands they analyzed (68%) chose the digital marketing vehicles as their first option to promote their products or services. Furthermore, nearly 42% of the brands preferred social media networks as their favorite method for marketing campaigns.

Nonetheless, the social media success is not an overnight process and attracting leads –which is the ultimate marketing goal for many specialists even though it is only the start- shouldn’t be the only focus of a marketing campaign through SM. As stated by Marketing Sherpa, nearly 73% of the leads that brands engage never become clients.

Aware of the possible shift and high sensibility of the leads that are more exigent each day, many digital agencies, like WI Communications, have developed Social Media & Search Engine Optimization packages to help brands to reach their stakeholders better than the competition by metric based, trend inspired, and tailor-made strategies that fit both B2C (retailers) and B2B (wholesalers) businesses requirements. Over the years, it has been shown that an audience-oriented, brand voice- inspired, and a data-based copywriting campaign is the main column for any successful strategy through Social Media.

WI Communications is a media agency and service provider with a worldwide prestige. WI offers clients a wide range of services aimed to help them reach their business goals. This Malta-based organization has multiple teams of professionals who know how to adapt to the fast-paced requirements set in the media and technological world and who always value quality.

About WI Communications

At WI Communications we offer clients a wide range of services across multitude of service solutions and diverse industries. Regardless of the project size, scope or complexity, WI Communications caters to all client needs.

To learn more about WI Communication, visit or contact us at:
+356 3550 5458 or

by: PR Report WI

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