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Discover the brand new shower drains created by Drain4You

Drain4You is a Netherland-based company established in 2007 by designer Jered Nijhof as a response to the increasing demand in modern and efficient shower drains. The company provides a modern, functional and sustainable alternative to conventional shower drains and allows residential and commercial clients to shop a wide variety of high quality shower drains on the company website, Jered Nijhof had the initiative of establishing a dedicated industrial company after obtaining resounding success with the QuickDrain system. Drain4You offers some of the best shower drains on the market, which not only insure years of use without any problems, but also have a minimal design.

Those who are interested in high quality douchegoot inloopdouche can visit and discover the benefits of working with a specialized provider. This website is a time saving option, because all clients have to do is browse through the extensive product catalogue, choose the product they like, place the order online and then the RVS douchegoot will be delivered by one of the company partners. Moreover, this website is an excellent informative resource where clients can find extensive technical information about shower drains. The mission of the company is to redefine quality standards in this technical niche and help clients benefit from state of the art products. The douchegoot plaatsen provided by Drain4You is designed with style and functionality is mind and stands out from other similar products thanks to its amazingly slim design of only 12 mm. There are two models available and, to find out which one cater best for their needs, clients can always use the informative content on the website or get in touch with the company experts.

Many homeowners regard the douchegoot installeren process as tedious and complicated, which is why they keep using the old systems long after they have stopped working properly. However, with help from Drain4You, everyone can learn how to modernize his or her bathroom and achieve the ultimate comfort. The shower drains found on the website are highly advanced, not only in terms of design, but also in terms of durability. Thus, if regular drains cause clogging, the products from Drain4You feature a special discharge system that prevents this from happening. Moreover, they are Siphon redundant and come with a 10-year waterproof warranty. Although they have a very slim design, the drains have a discharge capacity of 32 liters. This also eliminates the risk of odors and makes the bathroom a cleaner, more hygienic place.

Apart from shower drains, also features a number of accessories and tools that come in handy in every home. By combining a revolutionary design with high functionality, remarkable resistance and competitive prices, this company becomes an all-in-one solution for home needs. If your shower has an old drain or you have noticed that it does not work as well as in the first day, you can visit and see the latest products that can make your bathroom better. Also, if you’ve recently moved into a new home and you want to replace the old equipment with something better, Drain4You can help!

For more information, please visit or use the contact details below:

Contact Name: Jered Nijhof
Company name: Drain4You
Exact Address: Kweekweg 24, 8161 PG, Epe, Netherlands
Phone no: +31 578 616129
Email address:

by: Jered Nijhof

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