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Do Stiff Joint Natural Remedies Reduce Joint Pain Symptoms

First of all, it is very important to know everything about the signs, causes and natural ways to handle the situation. Back pain normally occurs because of many factors such as lifting heavy weight, standing or sitting for long time, wrong posture, health problems, sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise. We will see many ways to reduce joint pain symptoms naturally in this article.

Regular routine of exercise: Performing exercises regularly is essential to treat joint pain. You can try cycling, swimming and walking to improve joint health. These exercises can help to stretch muscles and they are considered to be the best stiff joint natural remedies.

Leaves of cabbage: Cabbage leaves contain anti-inflammatory properties which are beneficial in reducing the pain near lumbar area. You just have to crush few leaves of cabbage. Mix these crushed leaves with milk. Apply the mixture after five minutes to the affected area and wrap that area. Let it dry for fifteen minutes and then take a warm bath. It is a wonderful remedy for joint pain symptoms.

Ginger: It is one of the most reliable herbal remedies for joint stiffness. Ginger contains anti-inflammatory properties and helps in reducing inflammation and pain. You should take two spoons of crushed ginger and combine it well with half cup of warm water. Damp a clean towel in this mixture. Apply this towel on the affected area and leave it for couple of minutes. Repeat the procedure two to three times in a day to get rid of joint pain symptoms.

Leaves of betel: These leaves play a major role in curing lumbago and enhancing overall health as well. You can use warm betel leaves and cover it on the affected region like a compress. It helps in soothing back pain. You can also make use of juice of betel and mix it with coconut oil. You can use this to massage the affected area.

Wheat: Prepare mixture of wheat, cuscus grass and wheat to treat joint pain. Boil the powder of wheat in water overnight and combine coriander and cuscus powder in the morning and boil it again. Now boil this blend in milk for fifteen minutes. Drink this mixture every day to treat joint pain.

Apart from all these Orthoxil capsules and Orthoxil oil are the most trusted herbal remedies for joint stiffness. Both of these products have pure herbal ingredients and are safe to use. You should take two pills a day and massage the affected region with the herbal oil to treat joint pain.

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Company Name: Ayush Remedies

Company Info: Ayush Remedies is a dynamic company devoted to spread Ayurveda, the holistic life science worldwide. The company focuses on promoting good health through the goodness of nature. The company has played a pioneering role in re-establishing the ancient knowledge by making people aware of the wonders of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian health care system and the magical properties of herbs.

Company Website:

by: Adron Goleman

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