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Nowadays, a high-quality translation must guarantee more than just the mere conversion of a certain amount of words from a source to a target language. The respect and commitment for consistency when writing are the main skills that can really distinguish an experienced linguist from the rest in the middle of a competitive and globalized world.
Consistency means that the translated document is based on the core ideas of the source, language and culture consultancy, terminology concordance, correct use of specific vocabulary, local expressions, and the following of the glossary (when the client asks for it). More importantly, a consistent writer makes sure that the spelling, grammar, format style, and punctuation are rigorously reviewed for potential inconsistencies before delivery. These are the main objectives of proofreaders and editors.
By the same token, edition and proofreading are beneficial for book authors and businesses that are interested in starting their own content campaigns (creation of blogs, eBooks, newsletters, press releases, e-cards, scripts, memorandums, etc.), for instance.
An error at the quality pillars is enough to interfere with the readability and engagement power of a document. In response, each one of the mentioned quality assurance tasks generates different results for writers and businesses. They look alike but they are not the same.
A proofreader is meant to check if all the source elements were implemented and adapted -or misused- in the target document. That implies to correct writing mistakes like grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and other language errors. However, it can be considered a little bit more superficial than editing. That's why clients that are comfortable with the quality of their target documents' writing should perform proofreading -or hire someone to do it- instead of contacting an editor.
Whereas, the editing services are one step forward, as they ensure that the usage of the language is as perfect as possible. That means that the target should give the sensation that it was handled by a professional native-speaker.
In fact, the focus of the edition phase is to enhance the style of writing of the target document by eliminating any robotic segments or language misapplications. The point is to polish the expressions (that native-readers can relate to), enhance the flow, and employ another kind of modifications to improve the quality of writing. Moreover, the punctuation and format are examined and edited if needed too.
Regarding the translation industry, experienced translators offer "guarantee seals" in order to exceed the expectations of the market and, more importantly, make the clients happily satisfied. That effect only can be achieved by performing proofreading or editing if needed.
Warner Consulting LLC offers a team of experienced and skilled editors and proofreaders who make sure any academic or business documents are intelligible and are error free. Their editors have the real eye for detail and offer quality guidance to help businesses craft their messages flawlessly for their target audience.

by: Wagner

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