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EON Mainnet Launched

Exscudo Team is happy to announce that we have reached an important milestone by launching the EON Mainnet for our users. It is the most waited mainnet launch for the year 2018. We’re thrilled to report the Mainnet has been a complete success.

The following services: registration portal, blockchain explorer and monitoring page are available from now on. Currently, registration to Mainnet requires SMS verification. This big launch brings even more updates:
- Renewed TestNet with the version 3 fork 1
- Changed API (bot / peer / explorer)
- Changed API endpoint - specified version

To learn more about how the renewed API works, check Client Peer API documentation v3.0 using this link: Our Team made multiple internal changes and improvements. If you are interested in the Mainnet and how it works, look through Multi-signature documentation v1.2: You can also check out its final code at GitHub (

The launch of EON blockchain Mainnet is a huge step ahead for the industry. Thanks to EON blockchain, market participants have direct access to the capital market. Exscudo’s goal is to provide everyone, even unbanked people, with the opportunity to enter the market on an equal basis with institutional investors and professional traders. EON gives a number of advantages to the financial market: ecosystem simplification; fast clearing; low operating costs; low counterparty risk; transparency and verifiability; friendly software development environment. EON blockchain is a hybrid system without any bottlenecks. It is safe, resilient, flexible, scalable with speed of client-server solutions. In the nearest future we expect to announce new projects launched on the EON Blockchain, not just in the area of FinTech, but also in loyalty programs, ticket purchases and ecosystems around the registries.

We are already working on EON Blockchain implementation in many countries — UK, Germany, France, Estonia, Japan, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and so on. We will continue to expand our geographic coverage and increasing the number of local partners that help our team to enter new markets.

About Exscudo
Exscudo is the nextgen financial ecosystem that unites the traditional financial system and the cybercurrency market. The main goal of the project is to create a single gate to cybercurrency market for simple users, professional traders, investors and financial institutions. Exscudo’s ecosystem consists of a Stock exchange, as well as a merchant, wallets, trading terminals, cards and a protected communication channel.

Marina Juszczyk,, Mobile number: +48603495995, Twitter: @MarinaJuszczyk

by: Marina Juszczyk

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